A “yes” vote on Measure R is completely selfish and hurts our senior citizens, our young people hoping to start their lives on their own and our young families who have been struggling for years to save up a down payment on a home for their children.

It will burden landlords who will be forced to raise rents on those who can least afford it. Our first-time homeowners, who had to wait their turn, will not be able to afford to keep their homes.

Tehachapi isn’t desperate for new facilities. In fact it’s quite shameful that it would even be suggested. With all that we have, as privileged as we are to live in the greatest country in the world and a beautiful town like Tehachapi to even consider complaining is beyond comprehension. Why not take a minute and look around you.

There are always events going on in the community and there is plenty for kids and adults to do. At some point, parents and other adults need to take responsibility for entertaining their kids and themselves. We’re not an amusement park, we are a town, with real people who live here.

Diane Burrows, Tehachapi