Yes on Measure R! What an amazing opportunity Tehachapi has to bring productivity and health to the entire community!

Not only will this bond revitalize all of our TVRPD parks, it will also build a beautiful new community center in the heart of our beautiful town. The pool with a lazy river, tube slide, aerobics space and lap swimming will bring countless hours of joy to all ages. The two hours of free child care everyday will bring rest to mothers who need a minute to themselves. The new gym with two full-size basketball courts is where I will be able to find my boys. The outdoor lap pool will finally give the Barracudas a place to consistently instill an amazing work ethic to kids from 4-18! The southern wing with its commercial kitchen and flexible rooms will provide a senior center, a teen center and classroom space has unlimited potential. And so much more!

But the cost? Yep, under $100 a year for my family. Less than $10 a month to help support payment of the bond.

A dollar a day for adults to use it with a yearly pass. And only $63 a month for an entire family of 6! $20 a month for seniors!

Here’s the thing … we all share the cost, which brings it down to an incredibly reasonable amount. And more importantly we all share the benefits.

If you have questions or concerns, please ask your questions and get real answers. If you have heard information from someone adamantly against the bond, please verify what you heard so you can make a decision based on the facts. Vote YES on Measure R.

Vicky Hoffman, Tehachapi