Well folks, I was just reading about the new wave of people coming up from South America to crash our borders. It reminded me of the story I read in the newspaper a couple of years back. It was about the old man on the hill that built a big, beautiful birdhouse and a big bird feeder in his backyard.

At first, it was fun to watch, but as time went on, more and more birds came to fight over all the free food. Mr. Smith (you the taxpayer) soon became overwhelmed with so many needy birds. His yard became a mess and he just could not keep supporting so many guests. You see, Mr. Smith, (the taxpayer) had a family of his own to support. But more and more birds kept coming as the word got out. Hey, free food and housing over at Mr. Smith's house. Let's join the group.

Sadly, Mr. Smith had to build a fence around the feeder and the birdhouse to stop the flow of so many guests.

So folks, will you be able to support all of the free guests once there are more guests than there are taxpayers to pay the bill? Yes, we need a wall to protect America.

Jeanne Riesen, Tehachapi