I want to reach the regional head of Adventist Health and the vice president of planning and development of Walmart.

I am writing to appeal to their collective senses of prudent fiscal planning, and to ask them to recognize the need to assign a higher priority to provide DATED goals to their respective projects in Tehachapi.

Their projects (the hospital and the "super-store") that are scheduled (without dates) for this community are becoming the butt of many jokes for the excruciating long development times.

To a "teenie-bopper," seeing these facilities within their lifetime means "within the next 25 to 50 years. I would call that very poor planning, or NO real planning. To the many seniors within the greater Tehachapi area, we're talking two to five years for their lifetimes.

Completion in the next "someday" is the LACK of planning. Surely, your staffs of professionals can do better than that. These seniors represent the markets your financial planners are looking to and NEED for support during the projects' early years. Let's at least see some prudent SENIOR management.

Al St John, Tehachapi