For those property taxpayers who have looked for Tehachapi Valley Recreation & Park District (TVRPD) on your Kern County Property Tax bill and not found it, please do the following:

1. About a third of the way down on the first page of your property tax bill, find the box that says: Tax rate area and a six-digit code.

2. Go online and search for “Kern County auditor.” On the Kern County Auditor’s page, look for “General Local Levy 1%” in the column to the left.

3. Enter the fiscal year (2017-1018). In the box for the TRA Number, enter your tax rate area six-digit code as found on your property tax bill. The resulting list of government agencies each receive part of your general local government tax.

You will find the Tehachapi Valley Recreation & Park District under the abbreviation “THE. REC & PARK.” All property owners in the TVRPD boundaries have been paying this tax for years, will pay the tax this year and will pay this tax in the future as long as they own the property.

The TVRPD bond (Measure R), if it passes, will be in addition to the taxes property owners are currently paying toward TVRPD.

Please read your Voter Guide’s description of the pros and cons of Measure R and remember that property owners are already paying for recreational services by the TVRPD.

Kathy Cassil, private citizen