EGADS! My property taxes jumped up $600 this year. When I complained and wanted my house reassessed, the county tax assessor told me that my house was properly appraised at the current market value and no change will be made to my property tax statement.

I can only imagine what the rest of you folks are paying, but many of us in Tehachapi are being gouged out of our gourds.

Much of our property tax disappears into what the tax assessor calls "general local government." That means the Board of Supervisors for Kern County can spend our property tax dollars any which way they want to.

Personally, I wouldn't whine and complain so much about taxes if I could see some improvements to our roads, or a noticeable drop in crime, or attempts to get all the homeless people off the streets. All I see now from our taxes is higher property taxes, higher gas taxes, higher sales tax, higher state income taxes, high excise taxes and high capital gains taxes, but little to show for it.

Toss in a power outage or two that recently occurred, along with sky-high taxes and you can start pointing the finger and blaming the people who are supposed to be running "Taxafornia." If this trend continues, I foresee a whole lot of taxpayers bailing out and fleeing California.

What will happen down the road in California remains to be seen, but when one political party runs the show with no checks and balances to keep things on an even keel, higher taxes are on the horizon folks.

Dennis Tope, Tehachapi