What if I believed? What if the preachers of love (the pastors of Tehachapi) gathered themselves together for prayer, fellowship and the common good of our city?

In Juan Carlos Ortiz's book, "Disciple," he says, "Where does it start? This love must begin among the preachers of love. The pastors have always been more divided, more concerned about their differences, than the people. So we (pastors) must set the example in every city by creating a fellowship among the pastors of the city. We can not get our congregations to love if we do not. After all, we are the Shepherds."

Can it happen here? It happened in Bakersfield. I was part of the "No Name Fellowship" where dozens of pastors and laymen gathered as one. These were leaders in the community joining together to make a difference in their city. At one point, Juan Carlos Ortiz closed the doors of the church he led and told his congregation to go out and be the church. Go and bless other churches.

When a pastor I meet with tells me that the "new pastors" in town don't want to get together, I'm amazed. I guess they don't need fellowship. I'm glad Peter, James, John and Paul didn't act like that. While teaching in Nigeria, I witnessed the Christian Association of Nigeria church leaders banded in love, pledge themselves to fight for any Christian attacked by radicals in the north. Anglican, Pentecostal and Baptist stood together ... they had no choice.

I've got an idea. Why don't we stand as brothers now before we have no choice?

David Martin

Former Calvary Chapel associate pastor of missions