I'm halfway through my 89th year on this planet. I've seen a lot in those 89 years — some good, some bad. But there is one thing I never thought I'd see. I never thought I'd see a perpetually self-focused, pathological liar become the president of the United States.

Our current president is not only incapable of thinking and speaking clearly; each day he finds it necessary to create his own reality to suit his own internal needs. And, evidently, he doesn't even know the difference between an autocracy and a democracy.

I have a question: What do you suppose he'll do when he's all alone, under oath, facing a grand jury and Bob Mueller, and he has to tell the truth — because he doesn't know how much Mueller knows — or he faces the possibility of being charged with perjury?

A second question: Does Donald Trump even know what the word truth means?

AJ Marshall, Tehachapi