It's pretty hard to get people thinking clearly at the best of times. But in these dark panic in the streets times, it's all but impossible, especially when the masses are fighting over toilet paper and suspecting everyone around them who even coughs or sneezes as being a deadly virus carrier.

There has been nothing like this pandemic since the Spanish Flu of 1918, which one-third of the world population caught, and between 50 million and 100 million died from.

It took many decades for our government to finally admit that the Spanish Flu had nothing at all to do with Spain, and that the first cases originated at Fort Riley, Kan.

Fast-forward to now. Just as FDR said "nothing in politics happens by accident," the Chinese are now being geopolitically targeted. The communist country whose economy has grown the fastest and the richest in history, thanks to our own capitalist bankers and industrialists giving them all our manufacturing and trade. Well, seems they've gotten too big and are playing the game by their own rules. As if the SARS outbreak of 2002-2003 for them wasn't bad enough.

Remember, our paper products come from here, just about everything else comes from China, and when this insane death and destruction event ends, what will occur by "accident" next?

Graham Hill, Tehachapi