As Sen. Shannon Grove said, “I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

Millions of good people have taken that same oath, believed in it, even given their lives for it. But on Sept. 11, that great document of liberty and freedom evaporated alongside the twin towers, to be conveniently replaced just weeks later by the draconian 342-page "Patriot" Act, which most lawmakers admit they didn’t even read, let alone debate.

That one single document changed everything … and if you go to any airport or U.S. border crossing, you’ll find out that you’re in a militarized zone and speaking out as a patriot, quoting the U.S. Constitution will get you arrested real fast. Even though border checkpoints can officially extend 100 miles inland, including the West and East coasts, where 75 percent of the population lives, the Patriot Act can apply anywhere as today you are deemed guilty until proven innocent!

No, this is not conspiracy theory … it is civil forefeiture, where just carrying $100 or more in cash can see you legally getting robbed by law enforcement. Billions of dollars in cash and property are confiscated each year, with more than 90 percent of cases never even charged let alone prosecuted. It’s you who have to go to court to prove that it’s not terrorist or drug related, that is if you want it back.

There’s nothing patriotic about the Patriot Act!

Graham Hill, Tehachapi