Maybe it's bad timing on my part, but every time I drive by Tehachapi High there's a cop car parked in front of the campus. The police chief told me that they have a contract with the school district to provide protection, but this police protection doesn't come cheap these days.

School funds should only be used for instructional purposes and normal school operations, but not for police protection. When my kids went through school in the 1990s, there was no police presence at or around the campus, so what's happened to warrant cops on campus?

Police are now found on campuses throughout the state to keep students under control. Most kids want to learn, but there are always those rapscallions who'll cause all kinds of trouble. These derelicts either need to behave and follow school rules or be purged from school for the goodness of the majority of kids who want to learn.

I read that our school district is currently under scrutiny for suspending too many kids and for having a high absentee rate, but so what? Other schools in the state are worse off, but nothing seems to be happening to those schools.

Our school district needs to "Stand Its Ground," and not cave in to the political whims of this state's liberal educational establishment. Our school leaders should send the troublemakers straight to some other flunky education programs like independent study, and get them out of our mainstream education classes.

Putting up with kids who cause trouble at school destroys a decent learning environment, and, if not corrected, it will only encourage more parents to shuffle their kids off to private schools where they have discipline, and don't tolerate such foolish nonsense as they do in our liberal public schools. Right now, the best SAT/PSAT and ACT scores come from students enrolled in private schools. Schools should be a privilege, not a right!

Dennis Tope, Tehachapi