Why do our local merchants not hire 70-plus seniors? I have been retired for about five years. Last year I decided I would like to look for part-time work. I know that using a job hunting site is a waste of time. They send dozens of jobs not related to your search request and out of the area.

I went to the actual companies' websites and filled out their applications. The jobs I applied for were vary basic in skills. Only one company emailed me back saying they had received my inquiry. If the jobs are no experience needed and pretty much entry level part-time, why not have us in for an interview?

Seniors offer so much in experience, have good communication skills with customer relations, understand instructions, and have good work ethics. We can bring as much as 50-plus years of continual work history in a multitude of fields. I will keep searching for a part-time job here in Tehachapi and good luck to all of you also looking for employment.

Michael Dempsey, Tehachapi