In your March 6 issue, a letter ("Why is it necessary to have armed cops on campus?") by Dennis Tope suggested that police are parked outside the high school because of unruly students. I spoke with a sergeant of the Tehachapi Police Department, and she indicated that the police officer was there for three reasons.

One was unruly parents who squabble over parking. The second was that yes, the occasional student acts up but the incidents are few and far between. The third reason is that we have to consider the potential danger of a rogue shooting of students, not necessarily by another student. Several school shootings are done by outside agents.

Mr. Tope also suggested that education is a privilege, not a right, but I find that a very elitist attitude and take issue with it. We need all our students to be well educated in this technical world. I have been to their labs where they are truly innovative in their approaches to challenges. One special instance was designing a leg for a dog who had suffered a mishap. The leg was printed on their three-dimensional printer. It is instances like this that give me hope for the future of our young people.

If Mr. Tope had his way, only well-off students would receive an education, and the others would be left in the dust, uneducated and unable to find any but the lowest paying jobs. And corporations here that need well-educated people in the future would have to resort to immigration of graduates from countries that care about the future of their youth.

Linda Coverdale, Bear Valley Springs