I’m glad the Tehachapi City Council approved the new 100,000-square-foot development at Red Apple. That combined with the Walmart on Tucker Road is going to make traffic at Tucker Road and Highway 202 look like Kramer Junction on Christmas Eve.

The Tehachapi area is well on the way to being a major city. I hope there are plans for infrastructure to grow with all this. It only took how many years to open a new hospital, let alone new roads, schools and public safety protection?

How about all the vacant strip malls that have been built in the city and the county area that are still vacant?

People are concerned about road rage in Tehachapi; wait until there’s more traffic.

Hopefully we don’t have another recession like we did 10 years ago.

When will the greed for the almighty tax dollar stop?

There will be plenty of affordable housing when all the runaway construction and fast food “eateries” ruin Tehachapi.

Ira Peshkin, Tehachapi