Everyone in Tehachapi seems to be on the lookout for Pacific Crest Trail hikers these days! They are coming to town later this year because of the almost impassable snow levels in the Sierras just north of Tehachapi. A big shoutout to all the Trail Angeles who have so generously provided rides, information, shelter and general help.

I have helped hikers many years now, including hosting a mother with her 9-year old son, who both successfully completed the trail as a through-hike a few years ago. In addition to running into unusual people who have amazing appetites for adventure, I have found friendships.

One recent weekday morning, I was preparing for guests when my dogs started barking at someone approaching my house. There was an unusual car in my driveway and a handsome young man got out of the car with a cardboard box in his hands. I quickly noted that the box said Kohnen’s Bakery on it.

The young man told me that in 2016, I helped a small group of PCT hikers, and one of them wanted to reach out to me several years later with a message of thanks. A woman by the trail name U-Turn had her boyfriend bring me a box of Kohnen’s amazing goodies with a card full of memories of her adventure, and gratitude to me.

For those of you who might be wondering if Tehachapi’s acts of kindness make a difference, I have the answer. Definitely yes!

Linda McDermott, Tehachapi