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Guest Commentary: 'Sharing and Caring' deserves support

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Many families recognize Sharing and Caring Thrift Store here in Tehachapi. The Patel family, for instance, immigrated here in 1987, and the Sharing and Caring Thrift Store helped us get on our feet as we started their new lives here. As a direct result of that helping hand, our family now owns and operates the P&N Garage here in town as well as several other successful businesses with offices in Bakersfield.

The quaint thrift shop has played a major part in supporting many more lives in this community. By providing essentials such as clothing and furniture at discounted prices, they have helped many families during those times when they are struggling. Some of the families they have helped now want to give back to one of the institutions that helped them grow. Our family is pleased to help set the stage for such giving.

As a sign of appreciation, we are now offering to help Sharing and Caring Thrift Store expand their current location's square footage. We will be making a cash donation of $1000 as well as offering a share of profits from all business at P&N Garage this June. Take your car or truck in to P&N for any maintenance needs and help two local businesses at the same time.

Invest in our "village" because we are a village, Sharing and Caring Thrift proves it.


MIKE PATEL owns P&N Garage in Downtown Tehachapi.

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