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Guest Commentary: What is a master plan?

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For some time now the verbiage "Master Plan" has echoed through the 299,776 acres comprising our Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Parks District. Robust in written and spoken form, the term sometimes is viewed as "technical jargon" outside of governing boards, elected and appointed officials; but just what does a master plan mean to all whom our parks serve? Why is it important? And what exactly does a master plan provide for you, the park patron?

In layperson's terms, a master plan is an evolving, long term planning document. It establishes the framework and key elements of a site reflecting a clear vision created and adopted in an open process. In our case, the 'site' is the Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Parks District (TVRPD), and the master plan synthesizes park goals and the public's aspirations for parklands, recreational programming, and level of service. Further, it provides organization, prioritizes park improvements and development, and defines a realistic plan for implementation, including subsequent approvals by public agencies, and is living in the sense that it is allowed to evolve in response to future opportunities and desires of park users. Ultimately, the goal of our master plan is to clearly define the qualities and characteristics of a "high quality parks system" most appropriate to the public, by the public, and to establish principle guidelines and provide expert recommendations to strategize, fund, and maintain viable, high quality park and recreation services throughout our community.

The forthcoming 2013 TVRPD Master Plan represents a collective effort by Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Parks District, City of Tehachapi, Golden Hills Community Services District, Tehachapi Unified School District, Tehachapi-Cumming Water District, Stallion Springs Community Services District and most importantly, the numerous residents of the Greater Tehachapi Area, with professional park planning and consulting services provided by MIG, Inc.


MATT YOUNG is District Manager of the Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Parks District.

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