Thursday, Dec 05 2013 09:50 AM

'Kindness in Motion'

Last week in this space I introduced Kim, a woman who I have not met. We had a telephone conversation and it seemed to me that the bottom line was that she was asking for my kindness in the world.

I was not surprised to get good response to what I wrote because by and large people are kind -- it just seems that we sometimes need a reminder, particularly for those who are in charge of our governmental agencies who have to work to ensure that we don't become so rigid with our rules that we forget the community and individuals they were designed to serve.

I was inspired by Ann Chiarini, a kindergarten teacher at Cummings Valley School, who suggested "Project KIM" for "Kindness in Motion."

"It sounds to me that you did an awesome job of conveying what Kim wanted us all to hear," Ms. Chiarini wrote to me. "It's my hope that Kim reads it, but more importantly, that others will embrace what you wrote, take it to heart, and act upon it.

"Being a first grade teacher, I oftentimes think in more simplistic terms than perhaps other adults," she continued. "Dealing with 5-7 year olds gives me that take on life. That being said, wouldn't it be fun to start Project KIM (Kindness in Motion)? Perhaps your reporters could catch others doing good deeds for each other, or people could write into the paper noting what others have done for them, etc. In our 'it's all about me' world, there do need to be more 'Bucket Fillers' and less 'Bucket Dippers.' It does sound like Kim has had her fair share of Bucket Dippers and not enough Bucket Fillers."

We do often have people writing in about the kindness of others and our "Bouquets of Thanks" column is full this week with good examples of these public thank you notes. We'll be on the lookout for other examples of kindness to spotlight.

Help for the Philipines

A great kindness project underway this week is the effort of the local Filipino community and others to provide relief for victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

David James, community development director for the City of Tehachapi, and his wife, Joy, who is from the Philipines, are among organizers of a fundraising dinner to be held this Saturday, Dec. 7, from noon to 3 p.m. at he Senior Center, 500 E. "F" St.

Featuring Filipino cuisine, the dinner will help raise funds to purchase "shelter boxes" as pictured below to be sent to the Philipines.

Supplies in the boxes will allow families in the devastated area the basics they need for shelter, water filtration and cooking.

Tickets are $10 at the door or may be purchased in advance at the Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce, the Senior Center or Kohnen's Bakery.

Toys for Tots

If you're looking for a way to help children in need, the Tehachapi News has a "Toys for Tots" collection box in our lobby. New, unwrapped toys are being collected and will be distributed by the US Marines.

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