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Rearranging your newspaper

Editing a newspaper is sometimes a little like rearranging furniture. There are reasons to do it, but not everyone likes the change.

Have you ever had the experience of heading for your favorite chair only to discover that it's not where you expect it to be?

Well, I understand that readers like to find their favorite parts of the paper easily, so when we make changes in the newspaper I know that it may take folks a little while to get used to them, just like it does when we rearrange furniture in our homes.

With that said I'd like to explain a few recent changes in the Tehachapi News.

You may notice that the paper goes up and down in the number of pages. This week we are fortunate to have 40 pages -- last week we only had 32. Our page count is determined in large part by advertising volume. It's the advertising that provides most of the money we need to publish (thank you, advertisers! ) and sometimes that means we have to tighten up, just like we cut back on our budgets at home when income is reduced.

A smaller paper last week meant a tough choice -- run more news and photos and leave out some other material or leave out some news and photos.

Knowing that we will continue to face this choice from time to time, I gave thought to what I think most readers want from the News and decided to make more room for the local news and photos you won't find anywhere else and cut out the syndicated comics and puzzles.

Last week we still didn't have as much room as we needed, so the Forum section was left out -- but we're making up for it this week with three pages so we can try to catch up on letters and columns.

Another change this week -- we've moved the popular Bouquets of Thanks out of Forum and into another area of the paper (this week starting on page 22). Going forward I think this will mean that we can run letters to the editor and the thank-you notes on a more regular basis since they won't be competing for the same space on the Forum pages.

An addition last week and this, which we plan to continue and I hope you like -- a centerspread of photos. We're calling our photospread "Tehachapix." Some weeks we'll have a photo story and other weeks you will find "the week in pictures." We invite everyone to submit photos for Tehachapix and plan to expand this feature to our website soon -- where we can publish even more photos because there are no space constraints.

Feedback is always appreciated. I learned a long time ago that we can't please everyone, but we still want to try.


CLAUDIA ELLIOTT is editor of the Tehachapi News. Send email to: celliott@tehachapinews.com or call 823-6360.

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