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Great day of worship in park during Mountain Festival

Phillip Marx Central Park has always provided a superb venue for special events over the years. On Sunday, Aug. 8, I had the pleasure of enjoying the Central Park church services of the Christian Life Assembly of God church.

As families arrived and greeted each other and found a place to either sit on the ground or in a chair they had brought, ladies from the church graciously served free coffee and delicious donuts. The music, singing and prayer was outstanding. The friendliness of the adults and children was heartwarming as they showed respect to the vendors and others as they prepared for the crowd attending the Mountain Festival events. The vendors in return, moved about quietly, setting up their booths but showed respect for the large church gathering.

Pastor Kevin Caudle was in a relaxed mood as he moved about the large open area, greeting not only his own church members, but also the many others who had gathered there. Kevin's attire matched the mood of the morning, as he was in shorts, shirt and sandals (or sometimes even barefoot). He could have easily fit in to Surf City USA, sometimes known as Huntington Beach.

When Kevin presents his message, it's about life saving and life changing in knowing Jesus Christ. I did ask Pastor Kevin why he enjoys doing the service in the park and he responded with these words:

"Christian Life Assembly loves the opportunity to participate in the Mountain Festival by holding Worship in the Park over the past several years. It's an opportunity for us to take what normally happens in a building every Sunday to the public setting. Our hope is to both serve the needs of the vendors and workers who need a break from the busy weekend of work, as well as to remove some of the mystery of what happens inside the four walls of our building every Sunday. We are passionate about serving the community of Tehachapi, no strings attached, and Worship in the Park is just one way that we can serve the spiritual needs of our community in a low-threat, welcoming community."


JIM MURRAY lives in Tehachapi and writes regularly about the local community of faith.

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