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Then and Now: Celebrating news(papers)

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Claudia Elliott

This week is National Newspaper Week and a good time to reflect on what we do here at the Tehachapi News, and at newspapers across the country.

One thing we've learned in recent years is that our business isn't so much about paper as it is about the news and information we gather and publish or our readers.

Today we reach readers in many ways -- through the print newspaper, e-edition and through out website, TehachapiNews.com. None of us know what the future may bring in terms of technology, but what we do know is that people still need the work that newspapers do, including professional journalism.

The playwright Arthur Miller said that "a good newspaper is a nation talking to itself" and I think the same can be said of communities. What we hope you'll find in the Tehachapi News each week is news and information that helps you stay connected. We couldn't do this without the help of the many people who provide us with submissions including lively content for our opinion section. Thank you!

We also appreciate the many local businesses that advertise with us; subscriptions help with delivery costs, but it's the advertising revenue -- in print and online -- that truly supports our efforts financially.

It is no secret that newspapers, including the Tehachapi News, have taken a financial hit from the Internet. But I think it's important to understand that without newspapers creating the content that search engines find, there would be a lot less of value online.

In fact, a report from Scarborough Research earlier this year points to the power that newspapers still have. What medium is used more than Google? The anser is... newspapers! Unfelievable? If you're reading this, you're one of the 131 million Americans who have read a newspaper in the past week. In print and online, newspapers deliver more customers in seven days than Google does in a month (126 million), according to Scarborough Research.

Here at the Tehachapi News, we're continually working to make the most of our time and new technology to provide Tehachapi with the most local news and information possible -- delivered on paper and online.

We're in our 114th year of doing this, we've grown up with the community and we expect to continue our efforts indefinitely. Thanks for your support!

CLAUDIA ELLIOTT is editor of the Tehachapi News. Send email to: celliott@tehachapinews.com or call 823-6360.

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