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Economic progress on multiple fronts

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Tehachapi City Manager, Greg Garrett.

It's been a while since the last of these memos and as I look back, I can understand why. At the City of Tehachapi, we've been busy every day trying to improve the quality of life for the residents of this great city and we're making great progress. That has left me less time for memos of this kind so I'll try not to hit everything we've been up to, just the highlights.

First and foremost, our new police facility is underway and construction is moving fast. If you haven't seen the vacant building on C Street, just west of Curry, you should. We're taking a worn out shell of a building in the heart of town and revitalizing it into a modern public safety facility that will serve our community for years to come. I can't tell you how happy I am about the progress.

We've also finished the public improvements in the Alta Estate Subdivision. Unfortunately, the original builder of that project was caught up in the housing bust and left the residents there with half finished streets, missing sidewalks and loads of unfinished landscaping. After years of legal processes and 18 months of construction, the city has finished the public areas of that subdivision without impact to the taxpayers. I think the improvements look great and I hope the residents do too.

Other neighborhoods caught in the housing drop are also seeing renewed life. The empty lots in Heritage Oaks off of Pinon Street has been purchased by a homebuilder who is anxious to finish that subdivision with beautiful homes. After meeting with city staff, we're hopeful that this infill project will bring renewed life to that area.

But it's not just residential real estate that's helping our economy continue its steady climb. Over the last several months we've seen the completion of the Four Seasons shopping area, which is a beautiful private revitalization project on Tehachapi Boulevard. You can also see dirt being moved on the future site of Tractor Supply Co., at the intersection of Mill Street and Industrial Pkwy near Highway 58.

I'd like to think that much of our economic successes are coming from the continued emphasis on community collaboration. At the city we continue to work with partners like the Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Tehachapi, the Greater Tehachapi Economic Development Council and to promote Tehachapi to tourists, new businesses and others looking to invest their time and money in Tehachapi.

We have other great partners that we've worked with over the past several months on quality of life focused projects as well. One of our local employers, Lehigh Southwest Cement, has graciously donated money to support our Freedom Plaza project at the corner of Tehachapi Boulevard and Curry Street and we've been working hard with our partners at the Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Parks District on their Park and Recreation Master Plan. The success of these projects will simply add to the outstanding quality of life in the city.

And while there are many other partners and projects I could mention that have been keeping us busy these past several months, the list would simply be too large. If you have any questions about the projects I've mentioned, or anything else happening in town, I encourage you to call me at 822-2200 or contact me at ggarrett@tehachapicityhall.com. I'd love to hear from you.

Now, back to work!


GREG GARRETT is City Manager of the City of Tehachapi.


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