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800,000 non-essential voters

I do not pretend to be a spokesman for the 800K non-essentials sequestered in this recent government shutdown. But I am one of them, and I have a few thoughts about that, as you might guess.

I hope and pray that the morons at the head of our government have got us back to work by the time this is published.

You will notice that I will not use the term "leaders" or "leadership" or "govern" in this article. The reasons are simple; there is absolutely none of that going on. The politicians are solving nothing; they are not producing anything, except for nonsensical sound-bites that say more nothingness. They have managed to completely forget that they work for us, the American public. They seem to think they work for the lobbyists that give them fat perks, off-the-books incentives, and even illegal bribes.

So, we of the 800K Club and those sympathetic to our plight must remind them at the next election. We must help them to remember that they do indeed work for us, and that we have the power to remove them, if only we will exercise that right. Since only a small handful of them have shown us any concern or regard in all of this, then the bulk of them must go. Scorched Earth policy in the voting booth is called for.

And that brings us to the subject of term limits. Should we manage to get a fresh batch of representatives in both houses of Congress, the first order of business should be term limits. Eight years max, that's what we need. It will take them one year to get acclimated, maybe three years to get some real work done -- before the lobbyists get their hooks set deeply in them. That gives them four years to argue in the media and make a name for themselves to secure the follow-on career of -- what else -- lobbyist for enterprises like big tobacco, big oil, and the NRA.

God Bless America, and so it would go. But that scenario is leaps and bounds better than what we have right now. At least we might get a few years of actual constituents' work out of them.

And no more of these exorbitant salaries for life -- give them a matching pension for the number of years served. Also, make them required to have the same retirement plans and medical insurance plans that the rest of us are subjected to.

Right now they have insider trading and can manipulate fiscal policies to fatten their investment portfolios. If we had that, they would send us to a federal prison.

The next election is crucial. They will pretend to love us and care about us for about six months leading up to the election. Don't fall for it; it'll be all smoke and mirrors. Remember that they thought we were non-essential. They need to be educated, let's teach them.


CHRIS HAIGHT lives in Tehachapi.

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