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Now & Then: If it's springtime it must be snowing

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As we go to press mid-day Monday, we have a blue sky but we're told that we may get snow at the pass level and the very welcome recent storm did bring snow to our higher elevations.

I say very welcome, because it's been an exceptionally dry year and we need all the moisture we can get.

But I'm also reminded that in Tehachapi we're actually more likely to have snow in the spring than in the winter. I remember in 2010, when I first moved back, it snowed nine times between the first of February and the middle of May.

Of course, most of those snows did not amount to much more than an inch or two and quickly melted. But in Tehachapi we know that even though it's officially spring, we'd better not pack away our sweaters and boots.

Water conservation

Speaking of the drought, there are a lot of things you and your family can do to save water and the Tehachapi Area Association of Realtors wants you to know about them.

Our local real estate professionals certainly undersdtand the very clear relationship between the availability of water and the value of real estate, your home included.

So helping people understand ways to save water will be the topic of a special evening activity at the TAAR office on Tucker Road next Wednesday, April 9. More details on page 3 -- the event runs from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

And, yes, they'll have free refreshments!

Green Tehachapi

In keeping with the spirit of conservation, the Tehachapi News is at work preparing a special "Green Tehachapi" edition to publish on Wednesday, April 16, in time for Earth Day.

Usually around that time the city and local districts team up for a clean-up event; this year's event has been moved to May due to scheduling issues, and we'll have details in our special section.

Happy Birthday to us!

If you take a look at the upper left hand area of the front page, you'll notice that this edition of the Tehachapi News is Volume 115, Number 1.

That means it's our birthday!

Beginning as the Tomahawk, this newspaper has been continuously published since 1899.

That is an accomplishment not only for the newspaper, but for the community. It's taken plenty of advertisers and subscribers through all these years, in addition to the hard work of our staff and those who submit material for publication, to keep this enterprise going.

Although the newspaper business, like many others, is challenged in these times by changes in technology and people's habits, I'm happy to report that online and in print we reach just about everyone every week.

Missing something?

You will notice that the size of the newspaper varies from week to week. That's because the number of pages we publish is based on advertising; some weeks we have more, some less, and we have to adjust for that.

This paper, at 40 pages, had room for a lot of stories and photos. Some weeks we publish 32 pages and don't have quite as much space.

Waiting in the wings are some submissions for the Forum section that we didn't have room for this week. That happens sometimes and I never like it; if your submission isn't here, we'll do the best we can to make space for it next week.

CLAUDIA ELLIOTT is editor of the Tehachapi News. Send email to: celliott@tehachapinews.com or call 823-6360.

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