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Guest Commentary: 'We Bring You a Merry Christmas'

The doorbell rang. There was no car in the driveway. It was dark and quite cold and I was puzzled and uneasy as I opened the front door.

I was greeting with a loud and musical "Jingle Bells" by four teenage boys singing away! I was just stunned, and yet it set me laughing.

We talked a bit and I said I had nothing to "reward" them with, but they certainly made me very happy, what prompted this singing? They had been sitting around and discussing what they could do that would be fun for them and yet be "giving" and the decision was made just to randomly go around and ring doorbells and sing carols. There idea of "reward" was making people smile. I gave them a group hug and they went on their way.

I called my sister in Connecticut and told her and she could hardly believe it. I called my old friend in Chicago, should could hardly believe it -- both were laughing and saying how absolutely great it was.

The next night was a repeat with some added voices and a young girl. All singing (and harmonizing, too!) this time it was "We Bring you a Merry Christmas." Again we talked and I remembered to ask and received their names -- as follow: Joseph, Hunter, Logan, Carson, Caleb, Autumn, and Christian.

These young people have restored my hopes -- they smile, laugh, carry on a conversation, are polite and funny and generous and king and many, many other adjectives.

It was not commercialism, Black Friday's intrusion now to "Black Thanksgiving", or the rest of the idiocy that I feel just destroy the true value of the holidays.

These young people brought me so much happiness -- joy, peace and a huge smile -- a spontaneous gesture of their own to bring holiday spirit to others.

This is what it is all about.


FREDETTE KENYON lives in Stallion Springs.

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