Wednesday, Dec 25 2013 06:00 AM

From the editor: Distribution update

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Since embarking on our plan to reach nearly every home in Tehachapi with the newspaper every week, we have encountered some difficulties in certain areas.

We apologize to subscribers who have been inconvenienced and encourage you to call 822-6828 if you do not receive your newspaper.

Those who live in most areas of the city and Golden Hills should receive your newspaper on Tuesdays; other areas are mailed.

We have determined certain areas where we generally cannot provide free copies of the newspaper. These include homes along unpaved roads or with long unpaved driveways, mobile home parks and apartment complexes where door to door delivery cannot be accomplished without the driver leaving the vehicle.

The newspaper is available in racks and at stores on Tuesdays and we can provide home delivery for subscribers in most areas although difficulties in delivery in certain places may require mail delivery.

--Claudia Elliott

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