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A Memo from the City Manager: Happy New Year from the City of Tehachapi

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Tehachapi City Manager, Greg Garrett.

Happy New Year! 2013 was another fantastic year for the city of Tehachapi and with your help we expect an even brighter 2014.

In today's paper you will find the 2013 Year End Report from the staff here at City Hall. I hope you'll take a look at the many wonderful things happening around town and that you'll be inspired to be even more involved in this community in the coming year. This year's report was fashioned a bit differently than last year's. Rather than the more formal style of the 2012 report, this year's look and feel is a bit more upbeat and easy to read. It highlights our activities and successes of the last 12 months such as balanced budgets, projects started, projects planned for 2014, and emphasizing what great employees we have working for you every day.

Public safety, water and wastewater infrastructure, complete streets and attractive public spaces continue to be the core of our business. We focus our efforts here because we know that our success in these areas will create a foundation that you can successfully build your business, your life, and your family upon.

Pieces of the foundation that you'll read about in our Year End Report are things like a new police headquarters facility, road reconstruction projects, neighborhood enhancements, and more. We couldn't accomplish any of this work without the support of our community partners. I am very proud of our ability to start, nurture and strengthen partnerships with local non-profits and government agencies such as the Tehachapi Unified School District, Tehachapi Heritage League, Tehachapi Tourism Commission, Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce, Greater Tehachapi Economic Development Council, Tehachapi Community Theatre, Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Parks District, Tehachapi Senior Center, the incredible number of service clubs in our community, and on and on.

At City Hall we strive every day for accountability and transparency. I can say without reservation that our police department, public works, utilities, accounting, planning, airport, engineering and administrative staff all are professionals that work extremely hard for your benefit. You may not always agree with the decisions that are made at the city level, but I hope you agree that our outstanding staff always has the best interest of the town we all call home, at heart.

So Read Up on the exciting happenings of the past year and if you're so inclined, the report can be accessed and shared via our website at tehachapicityhall.com.

Lastly we could not be efficient and productive if we did not have leadership and involvement from your City Council. The five members of the Council are all actively involved in driving the successes presented in the 2013 Year End Report. I would encourage you to attend a City Council meeting and see firsthand the positive and professional way our meetings are held as we all conduct your city business.

Thank you for your support of this outstanding community. We greatly value your opinion and if there is anything regarding city business you would like to discuss, please don't hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at 822-2200 or ggarrett@tehahchapicityhall.com.

GREG GARRETT is City Manager for the City of Tehachapi. A Memo from the City Manager The City of Tehachapi's Year End Report for 2013 is included as a supplement to this week's Tehachapi News. If you did not receive a copy, additional copies are available at the Tehachapi News office or at City Hall.

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