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Ticket to Hollywood: 2016 -- Obama's America

If you ever wondered how America is managing to transition from a first world superpower to a third world debtor's nation, Dinesh D'Souza's newly released documentary pretty much nails it. Based on his NY Times Best Seller "Roots of Obama's Rage," D'Souza intelligently lays out Obama's past, present and intent for the future, should he become re-elected. This movie is a must-see for any of you who have ever asked the question "Who is this guy?"

Even though I take no political side, except the Constitution, I was mostly impressed with the producer's point of view and seemingly "not in your face" agenda, unlike Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" released in 2004 where Moore's agenda was clearly to do some Bush-bashing and go after the "fat cats"! ...has he looked in the mirror lately?

OK, so American politics are in the toilet, now what? We have a choice. We can continue to watch our reality shows or tune into the "Barnum and Bailey" political conventions with the smoke and mirrors, and dancing chickens, where each side continues to slam one another and present no real solutions. And of course, Bozo the Clown, i.e., the Hollywood actors, show up with their senseless rhetoric. However, I think the most intelligent words spoken during this election came from Clint Eastwood who held a make-believe conversation with President Obama where he stated "Did you know that politicians are nothing more than employees hired by the people and when they don't do their job, they should be... fired!"

Someone said that California leads the way in everything and boy did they get that right. From Arnie's "Sacramento on Steroids" to the new "Jerry- atrics Express" where our governor just approved a billion dollar high speed railway to nowhere, while cutting school budgets and closing state parks.

But what's the solution? I think I've found it! The new movie "2016: Mayor Grimes' Tehachapi." The story of a city that withstood the economic and political earthquake, as people gathered from all over the world to meet the "down to earth" man who calls himself mayor.

Anyone, at any time, can stop Ed in the street and ask him a question like "Where's the new Walmart?" or "How do I get to the new hospital?" and he will actually answer it in layman's language or refer you to someone who can. Imagine, a politician with a straight answer and a logical solution.

That's right, fellow Tehachapians, as the rest of the country seems to morph into Pee Wee's Great Adventure, let's just stay focused on our own Land of Four Seasons and make it a model city of what the rest of the country yearns to be. And, who knows if one day Tehachapi should have its own political convention, ol' Clint just might show up and say "Go ahead Tehachapi... ake my day!"


DAVID HEAVENER lives in Tehachapi.

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