Tuesday, Nov 05 2013 06:00 AM

The truth about trash talk

Golden Hills Community is standing strong despite a very few repetitive voices, most from outside, who are attempting to stop a duly authorized, lawful competitive proposal process with misrepresentations and outright fabrication. That is costly.

* The law allows the Golden Hills Community to exercise active powers granted from formation to "collect and dispose of garbage and refuse"

* These powers, proven by available records and documentation, were properly confirmed as "active" by the Kern County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo).

* In good faith and in the best interest of the Golden Hills Community, a long rigorous legal process was openly initiated to allow for proposals from qualified garbage companies including Benz Sanitation

* Now that the proposals have been submitted, negotiations for the services which our community requested in two public workshops will proceed.

* Results will be provided to our community and the full benefits of this lawful process will be disclosed.

* At stake is the potential for additional garbage and refuse services for Golden Hills residents, reduced rates and enhanced community benefit. This will offset the expense for customers water and sewer.

* At the current trash collection rate, Golden Hills customers are collectively paying more than the city next door to the tune of at least $150,000 annually. This indicates the potential for great benefit for all residents including the employees, relatives and business associates of Benz Sanitation in Golden Hills

For the truth about trash, visit our website, ghcsd.com, or residents can stop by your district office on Reeves Road for more information and open discussion.

ED KENNEDY is a member of the Board of Directors of Golden Hills Community Services District.

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