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What is a local Tehachapi business?

A local business is a business that:

1. Is located in Tehachapi

2. Pays local taxes, licenses and fees

3. Keeps the money that you pay them in Tehachapi

4. Employs local people

5. Owner of the business lives in Tehachapi

6. Owner and employees shop in Tehachapi and support other local businesses including housing, food, gas, vehicles, insurance, schools, clothing and entertainment.

The money that you pay a local business does not go to support an executive in another state to purchase a third vacation home -- it goes to feed local families, house local families, educates local children at school and allows them to participate in sports, it goes to keep the community roads, local government, police department, fire department, hospital, doctors, dentists, chiropractor, post office, churches, community services district, veterinarians, animal shelter, feed stores, community organizations and the whole infrastructure running as smoothly as possible.

* If money continues to leave a community to another town, that community's economy will inevitably suffer in multiple ways and will eventually cease to exist.

* The money you send out of town will not repair the potholes on your street.

* The money you send out of town will not sustain the quality of life in Tehachapi.

* You have a choice where to spend your money.

* When someone tells you that you have to use an out of town business for whatever reason -- think about what you are doing to your neighbor and their children.

*Keep your money in Tehachapi and help sustain your local economy.

* Be a Tehachapi Team Player for the stabilization of your Community.

* Tehachapi is where we live and it is our responsibility to maintain our way of life for not only us but for future generations.

* Keep Tehachapi money in Tehachapi where it belongs.

* Don't use an out of town business for the convenience of someone else.

* Keep Tehachapi strong and a desirable place to live.

* Shop locally, your community's future depends upon it.


LINDA GRAGG is a Tehachapi business owner

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