• Letter to the Editor: Back-to-school orientation a success

    Tehachapi High School would like to give a huge “Bouquet of Thanks” to the following ladies for their enormous help to THS at our back-to-school orientation. Our volunteers were: Carrie Austin, Katie Beauchamp, Hannah Fjeld, Fatma Gomes, Mary Graham, Debbie Irisarry, Kathryn Mackie, Becky Mason,

  • Letter to the Editor: Govenment affairs are sacrificed

    The residents of Tehachapi are faced with a dilemma — trying to decide whether having a Walmart here is a good thing for most people or not. The July 15 Tehachapi News shed new light on what’s been going on and the group opposing a Walmart here, Tehachapi First. They have been keeping the matter

  • Letter to the Editor: Elliott will be missed

    Oh so sorry to learn Claudia Elliott is retiring from Tehachapi News. At the very minimum, it takes intelligence, courage and social skills to keep a community safe and well informed. As editor, she took on the responsibility of spelling out the meanings and consequences of actions that were

  • Letter to the Editor: Farewell to Claudia

    Thank you, Claudia and the Tehachapi News for allowing me to contribute more than 30 articles over the past few years. I appreciate the opportunity given to me to submit so many articles with subjects of my own choosing. Your support allowed me to share my thoughts on so many aspects of Tehachapi

  • Letter to the Editor: Perplexing freeway work

    It’s nice to know Highway 58 now has three lanes of traffic in each direction from Cottonwood Road, to Highway 99 in Bakersfield. Any improvement on 58 is an improvement. However, if you think the construction work was done well, you are mistaken. If you don’t believe me, just drive over some of

  • A view of work at the Meadowbrook Park Bike Pump Track, from the Tehachapi Valey Recreation & Park District Facebook page.

    Letter to editor: Bike Pump Track will benefit community

    I am writing you to share my extreme disappointment in your recent article (Aug. 12 edition) covering local cycling facility development, specifically the Meadowbrook Park Bike Pump Track. This was a very poor attempt at investigative, objective reporting, and does little to inform the public what

  • Letter to the editor: Bank wants to share private information

    I recently received a letter from my bank regarding “important privacy choices for customers.” Unless we say “no," the banks will share our information with other companies with which they do business. My question is, why isn't ”no“ the default, and we can opt to share our information?

  • Letter to the editor: Walmart getting a bad rap

    Some facts regarding Walmart: Most retail businesses start hourly workers at minimum wage and keep some on part-time to avoid paying benefits. That's business in America. Why is Walmart the only one to get the bad rap? Walmart hires disabled workers that many other stores won't hire.

  • Best in Show for the 2015 Chalk on the Walk went to Lisa Burt for her colorful drawing of a cat looking at goldfish swimming inside a fishbowl.

    Letter to the editor: Thanks to sponsors of Chalk on the Walk

    TVAA's Chalk on the Walk 2015 thanks out sponsors and prize donors. Our sponsors and donors help to make Chalk on the Walk such a fun event for all. Thank you to sponsors Michael Jones, DDS, Lindsey Ornamental Iron, Smirnoff Photography, Skylark North Glider School, Jennifer’s Terrace, Kmart,

  • Letter to the Editor: Tomasko family thanks community

    The family of Lori Lynn Tomasko would like to thank everyone for the love and support shown to us during the loss of our loved one. Lori will be missed forever, but she will live in the hearts of all who loved her. Lisa L. Ohls, Tehachapi

  • Letter to the editor: Walmart should be a part of our city

    This is a note from citizens who are lucky enough to live in Tehachapi, a town in the mountains where the traffic is a little slower and people care about one another. We care and choose to write this letter because we see an injustice by a group of “unnamed people” who have used our town as a

  • Letter to the editor: Thanks for movies in the park

    I would like to thank the young lady who puts together the movies in the park at Meadowbrook. She has worked well under a great deal of pressure. The first movie was canceled because of the storm that fizzled out, and the second one they brought up a problem projector that kept heating up. Kudos