• Greg Garrett, City Manager for Tehachapi, thanks Benz for its commitment to the community.

    Letter to the editor: City manager reacts to Benz news

    In the event the Benz family of companies comes to an agreement to sell their businesses to Waste Management, the City of Tehachapi wishes to express its sincerest thanks and gratitude to Paul and Joan Benz and all of the great Benz family of employees for the years of dedication and professional

  • Letter to the editor: We need a Walmart

    OK, I get it. Maybe 50 pigs seized in Stallion Springs may be newsworthy. Maybe even an odor at Jacobsen Middle School, or how about our Town Hall tackling our meth problem? Yes, all newsworthy. The Freedom Plaza Visitor's Center front project continuing to progress is certainly an advantage

  • Letter to the editor: Crime statistics are a joke

    Because a reporter wrote an article in the Antelope Valley Press dated May 15 that "Crime in Boron dropped in 2015," and that "Burglaries are down and narcotics cases are Down in the Antelope Valley,” are we supposed to believe that crime is plummeting downward in these areas? Crime

  • Letter to editor: We need to understand Measure H voting boundaries

    I was waiting for Mike Nixon’s reply to my letter with some enthusiasm. I knew it was coming due to a go-between. But, when I read it (“Measure H needs clarification,” May 4), I was very disappointed. Mr. Nixon, YOU missed the point. The “clarification” I, and others, needed was not to tell us that

  • Letter to the editor: Every child should receive field trip opportunities

    The law states that every student has the right to attend educational field trips. Families that have a financial hardship should not be excluded from attending a field trip. Many students have been denied an educational field trip because they think they can’t attend. This is illegal according to

  • Letter to the editor: Thanks for hosting youth hockey fundraiser

    All of us from Tehachapi Mountain Roller Hockey would like to thank TK's Pizza & Pasta for hosting our youth hockey fundraiser on April 21, 2016. We always knew TK's had amazing food but after this event we now know just how wonderful their service is and how generous they are as a

  • Letter to the editor: Imagine what Christians today could achieve

    In the Pen in Hand article about the historical Kawaiisu Preserve, Jon Hammond quoted Margaret Mead, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” This quote called to mind the fact that 2,000 years ago 12

  • The Chilcoat family adopted Blu.

    Letter to the editor: Go Blu fundraiser a success

    All of us at Have a Heart Humane Society would like to express our sincere thanks to the many pet-loving people and businesses who made our Go Blu Bake Sale Fundraiser such an incredible success. Blu is a Russian Blue cat that suffered a spinal fracture when thrown from a car on Woodford-Tehachapi

  • Letter to the editor: Can't wait to buy Grimes' book

    I noted that Ed Grimes has written a book on his life in Tehachapi. I've known Ed most of his life. He is a hard-working, dedicated, loyal friend to all who he has contract with. We worked together at C.C.I. There is no doubt that he has given Tehachapi his all. He is the kind of person who

  • Letter to the editor: Measure H needs clarification

    The letter from Linda Coverdale (“Some don’t get vote on hospital measure,” April 27) may have missed the point about the vote for Measure H. The fact is that many will not get to vote yes or even no. First, you have to be a registered voter. Second, you have to live in the Tehachapi Valley

  • Letter to the editor: Do transactions with cash

    While at Albertsons the other day, four people were ahead of me waiting to pay for their groceries. Not one of he four people ahead of me in line used cash, but swiped their card to pay. Whatever floats their boat, but with cash I pay "right on the spot." People like the convenience of

  • Door of Hope, Family Life Pregnancy Center

    Letter to the editor: Do you know this door of hope?

    For the past eleven years, more than 7,000 have walked through this very door, the Family Life Pregnancy Center. Many have received that free pregnancy test and many have found someone to listen to them, provide answers for many questions and great referrals. Why might you walk through this door?

  • Letter to the editor: New minimum wage could hurt businesses

    I think the opinion of Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce President Ida Perkins is commendable but her argument is completely null (Tehachapi News, April 13). First, the minimum wage might be designed for people "starting out," but it's surely not used that way. Ask all of the 50-