• Letter to the editor: Time to start offering a pothole engineering degree

    Colleges need to start a new engineering degree, and we’ll call it Pothole Engineering. Here in Tehachapi, we have an abundance of them. In fact, potholes are everywhere, and California now ranks 47th in the country as having the worst roads. I recommended the degree to an administrator at Cal

  • Rotarary President Linda Carhart took a moment to thank Chef Mano Lujan and Grey Wolf Winery owners Shirlene and Joe Barton for the wonderful culinary experience they provided for the 3rd annual Wine Pairing Dinner held at The Shed.

    Letter to the editor: Sponsors make Wine Pairing Dinner a success

    The Rotary Club of Tehachapi would like to shout out our thanks to the many sponsors who supported us and made the Jan. 30 Wine Pairing Dinner a success. So, thanks to Alta One, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Jennifer Williams Personal Financial Management, Scott's Auto Body, Sail Thru Carwash, State

  • Letter to the editor: Heroin is killing young people across the country

    Parents, be aware that heroin is now the drug of choice among teens, and once taken, you are addicted! Drug dealers are hitting the high schools and colleges all across America. It is easy to get, and affordable. Recently on primetime TV, they talked about the epidemic of heroin going on in the U.

  • Letter to the editor: Rotary continues polio eradication despite violence

    On Jan. 13, a horrific bomb attack in Quetta, Pakistan, took the lives of 15 security officers and civilians outside a polio immunization center. As an organization and Secretariat, we offer our heartfelt condolences and express a deep sadness in the wake of this terrorism against the cause of

  • Letter to the Editor: Delay in pool opening swims in controversy

    The Dye Natatorium Pool is a Tehachapi gem, and when it is open, I swim there three times a week. Tehachapi Valley Recreation & Park District says no one uses it, but when the front page news says that it's closed, who's going to use it? I wrote to LeAnn Williams (district manager of

  • Letter to the Editor: Family touched by caring community

    We, the family of Tony Anthony, would like to extend our sincere and deepest thanks for the outpouring of affection and tributes the people of Tehachapi bestowed on him and us when he passed away in November 2015. We are so thankful that he was able to live his whole life and die in the town he

  • Letter to the editor: Pledge not to text while driving

    It will be a very sad new year for those people who have lost a loved one this year due to someone texting while driving. It is an epidemic for sure. The 2015 report from the American Automobile Association said 58 percent of all teen accidents were due to texting or talking on the cell phone

  • Letter to the editor: Whatever happened to just reporting the news?

    Watching the news nowadays is like watching a beauty contest for Miss America. These young women newscasters look like they just graduated from high school yesterday, with their long (high school) hairdos, and short, short skirts. Whatever happened to just reporting the news without giving us

  • Louis Amestoy

    Editor's Note: We need to do better

    Everyone has a bad day or week. I think the hallmark of responsibility is to be the first to admit that your day was pretty bad, and that was exactly what happened with last week’s edition of Tehachapi News. On two fronts we failed to execute and we apologize. First off, we are retracting Jon

  • Community Voices: Sewer issue will impact entire Golden Hills community

    Please listen up, Golden Hills! Over the last several years there has been much attention given to the small, defined, portion of Golden Hills that is dependent on a sewer system for wastewater treatment. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the Golden Hills Community Services District

  • Darla A. Baker

    Commentary: Ours is a benevolent community

    Here in Tehachapi, we don't measure wealth in dollars and cents. Our true value as a community can be found in our ongoing acts of benevolence. The town's people don't waste time passing the buck or keeping track of where the buck stops, because we are too busy paying it forward. By

  • Letter to the editor: What to consider when you serve on a jury

    In early 2015, I had the privilege of serving on a jury in Bakersfield. Because of one holdout juror, we ended hung; I told the person that the defendants would be retried and “hung,” but she refused to listen to either my requests for further discussion or the judge’s instructions to consider all

  • The crew from our local CHP office collects toys at Kmart. The toys were donated to Tehachapi nonprofits just before Christmas.

    Community Voices: Local charities benefit from CHiPs for Kids toy donations

    The California Highway Patrol in the Mojave Area collected more than 2,000 toys for distribution to underprivileged families throughout eastern Kern County. The generosity that the eastern Kern communities demonstrated was unparalleled. The CHiPs for Kids program was able to give toys to children