• Claudia Elliott

    Now & Then: Reflections on my retirement

    Now and then… Five years ago I launched this occasional column. At times it's been just that, my reflections on the Tehachapi of today and that of my youth and memory. For those who might not know the backstory, when I took this job five years ago, it was my third stint at Tehachapi News

  • Claudia Elliott is editor of Tehachapi News.

    Now & Then: What I think about the Walmart appeal

    As we have reported, the group known as Tehachapi First has appealed a court approval of environmental review of the proposed Walmart super center for Tehachapi. Tehachapi First, as an organization, emerged specifically to fight Walmart. If it has meetings, they're not publicized. It's one-

  • Claudia Elliot, Tehachapi News Editor

    Water and Tehachapi; looking back and forward

    It was the day after my 22nd birthday, a cold Tehachapi afternoon, with the wind biting the hands and faces of all those gathered on the embankment above the freshly excavated ground that would become Jacobsen Reservoir, also known as Brite Lake.

  • Claudia Elliot

    Now and Then: Healthcare key to economy

    Elsewhere in this week's paper you'll find a 16-page pull-out section we've prepared to commemorate the creation of the Tehachapi-Cummings County Water District 50 years ago. That was a momentous occasion, but we have something of near-equal proportion facing the community right now,

  • Claudia Elliot

    Now and Then: Setting the record straight

    It's not often that we encounter a sports story that is controversial. Usually we just report the results with some highlights of the game. Unlike many newspapers, we have the luxury of only covering one high school sports program and I have to admit that we can get a little too parochial

  • Now and Then: Time to look at how we handle policing

    Last week I wrote about two important components of the infrastructure we look to government to provide -- or at least to manage in a way that makes it practical for us all -- water and waste (also known as sewer or septic, although the septic has largely been unmanaged locally except through

  • Claudia Elliot

    Now and Then: Water and sewage: what's not being said

    Here's the bottom line about water and sewage: we all want clean, fresh water to come out of the tap when we turn it on and we want to be able to flush our toilets without worry about whether what we've just flushed is going to come up in the yard -- and we really don't want to have

  • Tehachapi City Manager, Greg Garrett.

    A Memo from the City Manager: Landmarks welcome us home

    Last week, I attended a meeting at the Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Parks District, as I often do, and I was approached by someone there who thanked me for the Christmas lights at our Wastewater Treatment Facility. This person told me that he enjoyed seeing the lights on his nightly commute

  • Claudia Elliot

    Now and Then: What is best way to fill vacancies?

    Most of the time, when elections are held, the issues of local government leadership are settled, at least for a time. Sometimes incumbents are unseated and sometimes long-time members of our boards and other governing bodies decided not to run for election and we watch to see how those who have

  • Claudia Elliot

    Now and Then: Grand Jury a bit off the mark

    Yes, I'm writing about the hospital again. According to a report we received Monday from the Kern County Grand Jury, members of its Health, Education and Social Services Committee became aware of Tehachapi residents' concerns about delays between making plans and the actual construction

  • Claudia Elliot

    Who should own your hospital?

    If you live or own property anywhere within the Greater Tehachapi Area -- and specifically within the Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District -- I hope you will read this. I'm writing again about the hospital you own and the hospital under construction that you're paying for. Yes, paying

  • Claudia Elliot

    Now and Then: Saying 'thank you'

    It's Thanksgiving, and as I think of the many things I'm thankful for -- beyond my family -- the people who help bring your newspaper to you every week are at the top of the list. If you're reading this in print, it's most likely that you received it because either a contract

  • Claudia Elliot

    Now and Then: The healthcare district and 'trade secrets'

    If you follow the activities of the Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District, you may have noticed from time to time a closed session item having to do with "trade secrets." As an example, the meeting coming up Nov. 19 has this item: "Trade Secrets (H&S Code 32106): Discussion

  • Claudia Elliott

    Now and Then: Making public information available

    Well, the election is over, but the counting's not done. We're told that a large number of mail-in (absentee) ballots were delivered to Tehachapi polling places on Nov. 4 and those votes are not included in the counts we've reported so far. Is it possible that they will make a