• Letter to the editor: Thank you, firefighters

    The Frontier fire in Bear Valley Springs came very close to our house — too close for comfort! I just wanted to say that the response to the fire by police and firefighters was amazing. They saved several homes by their efforts. The air drops of water and fire retardant were spectacular. These

  • Letter to the editor: Let's stop horrible killing of dogs

    The number of active dog rescue organizations in Tehachapi shows how much we love our pets. Sadly, I need to make everyone aware of the Annual Dog Meat Eating “Festival” in China on June 21. Pets are stolen, strays are rounded up and Korean Mastiff puppies raised in tiny cages to keep their “meat”

  • Letter to the editor: Thanks to the good people of Mountain Meadows

    My husband, James Crow, passed away suddenly on June 1. I would like to thank you all for your kindness. Some gave flowers, some gave money, some gave an apple tree. Many offered their condolences. I want to say thank you for all the kindness you showed at this time of great sorrow. James cared

  • Katie, of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, accepts a check from Pat.

    Community Voices: Christina's 2nd fundraiser a great success

    Christina’s 2nd annual Fundraiser for Pancreatic Cancer research was very successful in raising $11,162.71. As Christina’s parents, we hand carried a check issued by Major Jason E. George VFW Post 12114 for that amount to the offices of Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in Manhattan Beach on Friday,

  • Letter to the editor: In reference to an unneighborly encounter

    It is not my nature to inconvenience others. I am a disabled veteran. I am very conscientious about how I treat the people I served — with respect and dignity — to the best of my ability. I parked my car in a spot where it appeared that it would not interfere with anyone, not certain if I was

  • City of Tehachapi Engineer Jay Schlosser reports on upcoming road construction projects and the process of planning.

    Community Voices: Why we do what we do in the planning office

    As a municipal service engineer for more than 15 years, I cannot count the times I have been asked about a decision I have made regarding a public facility. Most of the time it is a genuine desire to understand why we chose to pursue a certain project. On a few occasions, it’s a veiled criticism of

  • Tehachapi's City Manager Greg Garrett shares some thoughts after attending the THS Class of 2016 graduation ceremonies..

    Community Voices: Graduation a great event, with bright graduates

    On Thursday, June 2, my wife and I had the pleasure of attending the 86th Commencement Ceremony for the Tehachapi High School graduating seniors. What a great event! It was a beautiful spring afternoon at Coy Burnett field. We lined up outside where the Lions Club volunteers checked our tickets on

  • Letter to the editor: Don't cut people off on the road

    Can we address the problem of people cutting people off on the roads? This is a VERY small city/town. I've lived in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties and have never seen so many people cut me off before in my life! Why can't people wait a few more seconds and then turn??? Eric

  • Letter to the editor: Show some respect and stand for the U.S. flag

    I attended the Memorial Day parade on Monday, May 30, in downtown Tehachapi. I sadly observed that there were spectators who did not stand as the U.S. flag passed them in the procession. From the Flag Code: “When the American flag is carried at the beginning of a parade, spectators should remove

  • Letter to the editor: Where were all the flags?

    I was embarrassed and ashamed on Memorial Day when I looked out over our neighborhood and our home was the only one flying a flag in remembrance of all of those who have served and those who gave their lives so we could enjoy our freedom. Is it too much to ask for people to fly the flag in

  • Letter to the editor: Walmart will not bring crime

    Today I read a short comment equating the building of the Walmart store to the problems of Los Angeles and the Watts riot of 1992. Watts was a deeply impoverished African-American neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles. Just to get the facts straight, that riot was about Rodney King. That was

  • Letter to the editor: Drive with care on Cherry Lane

    This letter is regarding the road conditions on Cherry Lane, which presently strike me as hazardous to pedestrians, cyclists and anyone driving their own car on this narrow paved road. As a homeowner living in Cherry Lane Estates, I utilize the road on a daily basis for my round-trip commute for

  • Letter to the editor: Life is a challenge, but these boys should be proud

    I want to give a special thank you to some terrific young men. They all have had some difficult times these last few years. School can be very challenging — from bullying, school work, finalizing their last year, overcoming obstacles and accomplishing things they didn’t think they could do. These

  • Greg Garrett, City Manager for Tehachapi, thanks Benz for its commitment to the community.

    Letter to the editor: City manager reacts to Benz news

    In the event the Benz family of companies comes to an agreement to sell their businesses to Waste Management, the City of Tehachapi wishes to express its sincerest thanks and gratitude to Paul and Joan Benz and all of the great Benz family of employees for the years of dedication and professional