• Letter to the editor: Thanks for the donation, farewell canine friend

    All of us at Have a Heart Humane Society wish Sir Dufuss a speedy trip over the Rainbow Bridge, where so many of our lost pets are waiting for him and will show him where all the dog treats are. Sir Dufuss' master gave Have A Heart a very generous donation in honor of his late best friend and

  • Letter to the editor: Thanks to Thunder on the Mountain

    We would like to thank the Thunder on the Mountain car show for their generous donation they gave us recently. This will help us spay/neuter many more of our Tehachapi area residents’ pets. We are greatly appreciative. Kate Lueder President, Tehachapi Humane Society

  • Robert Price is The Californian's executive editor. Email him at rprice@bakersfield.com.

    SOUND OFF: Money well spent, ridiculous expense, or simple reporting?

    This feedback forum is designed to give readers a way to voice criticisms and compliments or ask questions about The Californian's news coverage, and in this case, that of the Tehachapi News. Your questions may be edited for space. Price: Our Jason Kotowski had a Sept. 19 front-page followup

  • Letter to the editor: A good place for Hall Ambulance

    Twenty-six years ago, we bought our dream home in Stallion Springs. We looked far and wide for a place to retire and Tehachapi drew us in with its charm and small-town atmosphere. As “refugees” out of Los Angeles, we wanted less crime, clean air, good healthcare and the unspoiled beauty offered by

  • Letter to the editor: Thank you for lunch, and the other aid

    I am a senior handicapped woman who moved to Tehachapi five years ago from the Torrance area. Since moving here, store clerks, other customers and neighbors (that I know and one I didn’t) have helped or offered me help countless times. Now a special kindness has taken place! My daughter and I

  • Letter to the editor: Free community resource helps conserve water

    Recently, I completed a five-week course titled “Landscapes for the Future.” It was presented by Liz Block, Tehachapi-Cummings County Water District water conservation coordinator. The classes/workshops are free and open to anyone interested in landscapes that help conserve our ever-dwindling water

  • Letter to the editor: Relief brought to Valley Fire pets

    The Tehachapi Valley United Methodist Church and Have a Heart Humane Society partnered in collecting donations for the hundreds of people that have been affected by the Valley Fire. We participated in asking for donations to send on the relief run. I want to thank the following for donating on our

  • Letter to the editor: A smashed windshield, and the hurt

    A smashed windshield. Whatever compelled you to do what you did, you did not hurt me. But you hurt the innocent one, You see, the money that I have been saving was going toward my child’s trip to the Children’s Hospital at UCLA. My child asked why there are people in the world who are so mean.

  • Craig Mifflin is chairman of the TVRPD board of directors.

    Community Voices: Here's what happened to the trees, and what we learned

    There has been a great deal of public concern regarding the carved stump removals at both Brite Lake and Philip Marx Central Park. This is quite understandable given the fact that without any notice, the stumps seemed to simply disappear overnight. In retrospect, things could and should have been

  • Multiple lightning strikes sparked a wildfire Wednesday in the mountain range south of Tehachapi in Antelope Canyon, prompting voluntary evacuations for Mountain Meadows, Water Canyon and West Ranch. Kern County Fire Department staff evaluate the fire.

    Letter to the Editor: Big thanks to firefighters

    We live in Mountain Meadows and would like to take a moment to express our immense gratitude to the members of the Kern County Fire Department, Type 3 Strike Team from San Diego, SD Fire-Rescue and engines from Chula Vista Fire Department, Poway Fire Department and U.S. Navy who fought day and

  • The Tehachapi Mountain Quilters announced the winner of the quilt raffle held during the Mountain Festival. Monica Colella, left, holds up the winning quilt with the help of Eve Hall, opportunity quilt chairwoman.

    Letter to the Editor: Quilt show successful thanks to many

    On behalf of the Tehachapi Mountain Quilt Guild, we would like to thank the community of Tehachapi for supporting our Quilt Show during the Mountain Festival. We appreciate everyone who came by to look at the many beautiful quilts that were on display. We would like to extend a special thank you

  • Letter to the Editor: Back-to-school orientation a success

    Tehachapi High School would like to give a huge “Bouquet of Thanks” to the following ladies for their enormous help to THS at our back-to-school orientation. Our volunteers were: Carrie Austin, Katie Beauchamp, Hannah Fjeld, Fatma Gomes, Mary Graham, Debbie Irisarry, Kathryn Mackie, Becky Mason,

  • Letter to the Editor: Govenment affairs are sacrificed

    The residents of Tehachapi are faced with a dilemma — trying to decide whether having a Walmart here is a good thing for most people or not. The July 15 Tehachapi News shed new light on what’s been going on and the group opposing a Walmart here, Tehachapi First. They have been keeping the matter

  • Letter to the Editor: Elliott will be missed

    Oh so sorry to learn Claudia Elliott is retiring from Tehachapi News. At the very minimum, it takes intelligence, courage and social skills to keep a community safe and well informed. As editor, she took on the responsibility of spelling out the meanings and consequences of actions that were