• Donations from Tehachapi were delivered to Clearlake.

    Community Voices: Lake County fire victims thankful

    As we gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, I wanted to give a huge thank you to the community of Tehachapi for all their love and support these past two months. I was raised in Tehachapi, and I still have a home in Golden Hills, but currently I am serving as the pastor of the Clearlake United

  • The Greater Los Angeles Paint Horse club hosted a charity trail ride for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Cummings Valley.

    Letter to the editor: Charity trail ride helps St. Jude's

    On Nov. 7, the Greater Los Angeles Paint Horse club hosted a charity trail ride for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Cummings Valley, Tehachapi. The weather was very blustery in Cummings Valley, but the ride was a big success, raising a good amount of money for this great cause. At 10 a.

  • Letter to the editor: Thanks for checking my smoke alarm

    I would like to express my appreciation to all the volunteers who came to my home on Saturday, Nov. 14, to make sure that my smoke alarm was working properly. All volunteers were from the Rotary. Two gentlemen so polite and helpful and three pretty girls, and so friendly. One of the many reasons

  • Letter to the editor: Thanks to supermarkets with spirit

    Our two hometown supermarkets, Albertsons and Save Mart, are really generous to our community in supporting good-deed efforts. This is the fifth year we have experienced this support from them. My church, Tehachapi Community Congregational, United Church of Christ, has been collecting from

  • Letter to the editor: Thankful for commitment to help others

    The Community Church thanks all our visitors and groups who joined on First Friday, Nov 6, to show their commitment to helping others in Tehachapi and around the world. Presenting various humanitarian projects were Kiwanis, St. Vincent de Paul Society, American Association of University Women, The

  • The Family Life Pregnancey Center of Tehachapi is located at 112 S. Curry St.

    Community voices: Why visit a pregnancy center?

    We hear it all the time — women call us seeking an abortion, asking what we offer, a pregnancy test, information on options, a referral for a physician and much more. There is one very simple reason why you should visit a pregnancy center. With a free pregnancy test and an ultrasound, a pregnancy

  • From the editor: Introducing some changes to your paper

    In today’s edition of the Tehachapi News, you may have noticed some changes to the masthead on the cover of the newspaper. It’s the first of several changes we’re planning to make to the newspaper in the coming months in print and online. With the masthead change we wanted to simplify things a bit

  • Letter to the Editor: Rembering Rich Valpey

    Remembering Rich Valpey, an exceptionally talented and versatile musician whose fluid mastery of the guitar somehow made it look easy. Listening to Rich play and sing was always a truly enjoyable experience. I feel lucky to have savored the opportunity on countless occasions. The Edgar Kelly Band

  • Letter to the Editor: 'Leaf project' a success

    Thank you to Rick and his staff at Mountain Gardens Nursery and Pet. Biology students recently completed “the leaf project.” Rick and staff were tremendously helpful to the students in their hunt, especially for the more difficult-to-find leaves. It went beyond just pointing out leaves to

  • Letter to the Editor: Good to hear new recycling plan

    It's about time! In response to the article announcing that Tehachapi will finally start sorting its trash from recyclables... hoorah. Having come from other areas where that has been the practice for years, it was hard for me to dump everything in one barrel and know that the “dirty murph”

  • Letter to the Editor: Tehachapi Hospital saved my life

    I went to the emergency room at the hospital on Nov. 9, arriving at approximately 1 a.m. with difficulty breathing. The staff and ER folks kept trying to find what was wrong even though I said I was feeling better. The doctor sent me for a CT scan and it showed blood clots in my lung from a recent

  • Letter to the Editor: Multiple Sclerosis Walk a success

    Tehachapi had two teams for this year’s Multiple Sclerosis Walk in Bakersfield, the Moose on the Loose (the Tehachapi support group) and Jenna Alba's MS Walkers. Together, both teams raised a total of $6,855.25. All donations go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. As the lead for the

  • Letter to the Editor: Humane Society thanks Kmart

    We would like to thank Kmart for letting us have our Halloween bake and craft sale in their lobby last month. It was a great success, and we raised a good amount of money for the programs we have to help our local animals. Kate Lueder President, Tehachapi Humane Society

  • Community Voice: VFW Post 12114 doing great things in community

    This last October was a very significant month for the Major Jason E. George VFW Post 12114. It marked the end of our fourth year in existence. The post is starting its fifth year as a second VFW Post in our beautiful city of Tehachapi. In the beginning, the committee met to create bylaws and make

  • Letter to the Editor: Can't afford post office, but pay $100k on mailboxes?

    I just read Todd Lander's column in my latest “Bear Tracks.” No one showed at the last board meeting. No one shows unless the board makes an unpopular decision. What the lack of attendance really shows is that, even if we do show up and express our opinions, the board does as they have already