• Letter to the editor: Measure H needs clarification

    The letter from Linda Coverdale (“Some don’t get vote on hospital measure,” April 27) may have missed the point about the vote for Measure H. The fact is that many will not get to vote yes or even no. First, you have to be a registered voter. Second, you have to live in the Tehachapi Valley

  • Letter to the editor: Do transactions with cash

    While at Albertsons the other day, four people were ahead of me waiting to pay for their groceries. Not one of he four people ahead of me in line used cash, but swiped their card to pay. Whatever floats their boat, but with cash I pay "right on the spot." People like the convenience of

  • Door of Hope, Family Life Pregnancy Center

    Letter to the editor: Do you know this door of hope?

    For the past eleven years, more than 7,000 have walked through this very door, the Family Life Pregnancy Center. Many have received that free pregnancy test and many have found someone to listen to them, provide answers for many questions and great referrals. Why might you walk through this door?

  • Letter to the editor: New minimum wage could hurt businesses

    I think the opinion of Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce President Ida Perkins is commendable but her argument is completely null (Tehachapi News, April 13). First, the minimum wage might be designed for people "starting out," but it's surely not used that way. Ask all of the 50-

  • Letter to the editor: I don't get to vote on Measure H

    I received a card in the mail, imploring me to vote “yes” on Measure H, for hospital. I would love to. Along with the rest of the Tehachapi community, I have seen the fortunes rise and fall on this hospital, and now we have the opportunity to make it work by inviting in Adventist Health. Since we

  • Letter to the editor: Religion is an individual liberty

    I am compelled to write on behalf of our founding fathers who may have read Ms. Emma Knowlton’s club level speaker contest submission (published March 23.). The title of the speech, “Liberty and Justice For All” should be changed to “Liberty and Justice for Christians” in order to portray accuracy.

  • Letter to the editor: Private sector vs. public sector work

    A vivid example between private and public sector work can be seen right here in Tehachapi. Walk down to the depot in town and observe a well-manicured double track railroad. America now has the best railroads in the world for hauling freight. The Burlington Northern Santa Fe trains that pass

  • Letter to the editor: Matthew Martz was admired by all

    I was saddened to learn of the death of Matthew Martz, who I worked with at the Tehachapi News on two occasions. Matt had a passion for journalism and especially for sports and put a great deal of effort into his work. I was sorry to lose him at the paper when he made the tough decision to return

  • Letter to the editor: What's with this drug war? Is it a war at all?

    Recently was it brought to my awareness that Parkinson’s disease stemmed from a dopamine level inhibitor. At the March 21 City Council meeting, many well-spoken community members of all ages cited well-researched and perfectly executed arguments against opioid medications and the benefits of

  • Diesel was found wandering in Maryland.

    Community Voices: Have a Heart saves Diesel

    In August 2013, Have a Heart Humane Society adopted a young German Shepherd to a woman in Rosamond. We had the dog neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Recently, the dog, Diesel, was found as a stray in a dog park in Maryland and taken to the Tri-County Animal Shelter in Hughesville, Md., a kill

  • Emma Knowlton participated in the Tehachapi Lions Club's 79th annual Student Speaker Contest.

    Community Voices: 'Liberty and Justice for All — What Does It Mean to You?'

    Emma Knowlton of Tehachapi recently participated in the Tehachapi Lions Club’s 79th annual Student Speaker Contest at the club level. The Tehachapi News shares part of Knowlton’s speech, which she agreed to trim for our space in print. Lions President Suzanne Williams called the speech “outstanding.

  • Letter to the editor: Hospital board should be commended

    Bill Laningham assumes a lot in his negative letter about Tehachapi Hospital. Yes, there have been bumps along the road. Who could have foreseen the rapid rise in fuel and construction costs, caused partially by unprecedented infrastructure growth in Chine, i.e. The Yangze Dam, the world’s largest

  • Letter to the editor: Concerns about plans for hospital

    Don't give away the hospital WE are paying for. "Give us $15 million and we will give you a new hospital," they said. We did. Turns out it wasn't quite enough. "Give us an additional $50 million and we PROMISE we will give you a new hospital," they said. We did. Turns

  • Letter to the editor: Herrera family grateful for support

    We would like to give a big thank you to all those involved and all the support that was given to us in this hard time of the passing of our mother, Juanita Sanchez Herrera. To Hoffman Hospice, you have such a wonderful program that gives a great deal of support to families in need of it. To Wood