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Tuesday, Nov 20 2012 12:00 AM

Best Animal Rescue

Marley’s Mutts
Three and a half years ago we started Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue in Tehachapi. Our goal was to help stray, abandoned, injured, hard up dogs by bringing them off the streets, out of the shelter and into our homes. That is one of the traits that makes Marley’s Mutts unique. We believe that rescued dogs, especially big dogs (which are inherently more dangerous), need be evaluated, treated and rehabilitated, not taken from one cage at the shelter and placed in another. Implementing such a program has taken a lot of work and progress through trial and error, but we have created a “pack environment” where rescued dogs live amongst each other in harmony and are retaught the basics of “a dog’s life.” Most of our dogs come from the shelter, where they are in gravest danger of being euthanized but many come from folks like you, or strays from the hospital — really,  from all over. They come here — or to one of our capable foster homes in this community — and are rehabilitated, loved and allowed to learn to be dogs again. Dogs that we rescue come to live up here as if they were at camp — we have structure, rules, lots of exercise and we learn routine. This type of environment is extremely conducive to emotional, mental and physical restoration and rehabilitation. With your support and urging we have adopted out over 500 dogs to loving, capable homes. Our commitment doesn’t begin and end with rescue, but continues in the classroom. We’ve spoken about animal rescue and welfare at every school in our community with the intent of passing on our knowledge to the kids as well as encouraging them to be of service. Our rescue and this community are intertwined and our scope and capability has increased because of your support. Your support means the world to us and we are very grateful to be mentioned as one of this community’s best.
Zach Skow, Marley’s Mutts • www.marleysmutts.com


Save Tehachapi’s Orphaned Pets (STOP)
Once again, the wonderful Tehachapi community has nominated Save Tehachapi’s Orphaned Pets (STOP) in the poll, “2012 Best of Tehachapi”.  Thank you for recognizing us and know that since 2008, we have successfully rescued 800 dogs and cats who are now enjoying their second chance at life in their forever loving homes. As a non-profit organization, STOP depends on your generous donations, volunteers’ time, and foster families, all of which are priceless.  STOP is dedicated to the continued rescue of countless dogs and cats who have no voice, are abused, abandoned, neglected, homeless, from high-kill shelters.  Help us be the change you want to see now and in the future — it is impossible to thank all our dedicated supporters, however, the following deserve to be recognized: Adoptees, Canine Creek, Debi Hartman (“Sparks”), Dedicated Board Members, Foster Family Homes, Katy Jacobson, Photographer, Local Groomers, Mountain Antiques, Nevills Corp., Souza Family Vineyard, Tehachapi Automotive, Tehachapi Veterinary Hospital, The Loop, The Tehachapi News Weekender, Tri/County R.E. and Volunteers.
www.thestoppers.org • 823-4100 (#2, dogs; #3, cats)

Tehachapi Humane Society
Established in 2008, we are a community minded organization with animals in the Tehachapi area in mind. In these difficult times, we feel companion animals are very important for family life. We provide food for the animals when things get tight. Our original purpose was to have animals spayed and neutered, so we provide vouchers to help defray the costs. We began rescuing when the community asked us to provide this service. Animals are fostered in homes until adopted, spayed or neutered, brought current on shots and micro-chipped before they go to their new homes. We provide educational materials, as well. One of our programs is for feral cats. People like to have them for rodent control; we will help trap them, pay part of the cost of spay/neuter and then return the cats to their colony. We also offer a monthly shot clinic and lost and found networking to help reunite pets and families. We can always use volunteers for our programs.
Tehachapi Humane Society • www.tehachapihumane.org

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