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Monday, Sep 05 2011 05:22 PM

Canyon Fire Update #2

The command of the Canyon Fire switched officially from Kern County Fire Dept. to CalFire sometime this afternoon and we're preparing to head for what we believe will be a media briefing at 6 p.m.

We're also hearing from excellent sources that many more homes have been lost on Old West Ranch than reported by KCFD. And also that the acreage reported by KCFD a little after 4 p.m. today is not accurate.
The fire has grown larger and some resources are being diverted because of fires elsewhere in the state.
It does seem that the weather earlier in the day was favorable, although now the wind has picked up.

We report only information that comes from official sources or reliable information we have first-hand, so readers may have heard information (true or not true) that we haven't reported here. We may have heard it, too, but we don't report it until we confirm it.

Watch for an updated story a little later, once we've had a chance to confirm some of the information we're hearing.

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