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Tuesday, Sep 06 2011 08:15 AM

Tehachapi News provides additional fire news information

The Tehachapi News has announced its continued plans for covering the Canyon Fire.

"We are a weekly newspaper and were preparing our issue for Tuesday, Sept. 6, for press when the fire broke out," Editor Claudia Elliott said. "We were able to remake some pages to include the latest information as of about 5 p.m. Sunday, the day the fire broke out. We've continued to provide coverage at www.tehachapinews.com throughout the Labor Day weekend and published the latest information available to us on Tuesday morning, Sept. 6."

Elliott said the newspaper staff will continue to post updated information to its website as it prepares for publication of next week's edition, to be published on Tuesday, Sept. 13.  "We're a weekly newspaper with a small staff and we have a responsibility to make sure that we include information about the fire and many other events and activities in our next edition. Because of this, our online coverage will be limited to passing on information provided by Cal Fire, as it becomes available. If there is a major development in the fire, we'll do our best to report as much information as we can. Readers can register for our News Alerts at: http://www.tehachapinews.com/newsletters.

"We also encourage our readers to check The Bakersfield Californian daily, and its website, www.bakersfield.com, for information. Our sister paper has done a good job of covering the fire."
For those who want to follow the fire more closely on their own, Elliott recommends the following online resources:

  • Cal Fire website: www.calfire.ca.gov. Click on the fire map and you'll find a link to the Canyon Fire. Generally, Cal Fire indicates it expects to post briefings twice daily.
  • Wildlandfire.com: www.wildlandfire.com. Click on the "Wildlandfire Hotlist" and you'll find the Canyon Fire with the "CA & HI Continuing Fires/Incidents." This is unofficial information posted by volunteers who monitor fire radio traffic. Often information will be available here as much as 12 hours before it is released by fire officials. Again, it is not official, but is a way for interested people to keep up with fire activity.
  • Register for ReadyKern so you will receive emergency updates from Kern County: http://www.kerncountyfire.org/readykern.php
  • The Bakersfield Californian: www.bakersfield.com; check the "Breaking News" blog or other stories, register for News Alerts.

Elliott made an additional note about rumors circulating in the community.

"We've heard lots of rumors, including one that money was needed to buy water for firefighters. As far as we can tell, the firefighters are well supplied and do not need donations of food or water. Organizations supplying assistance, including the Salvation Army and the Red Cross, always welcome donations, particularly cash. And we're aware of some relief efforts being organized in the community. We'll report on these -- including needs and ways to help -- online sometime Wednesday and following up in next week's paper.

News tips can be sent to: editorial@tehachapinews.com.

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