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Monday, Sep 13 2010 02:33 PM

Walmart EIR delayed

Continued consideration of the environmental Impact of a proposed Walmart super center in Tehachapi has been delayed.

At a meeting of the Tehachapi City Council on Sept. 7, City Manager Greg Garrett reported that the firm — Christopher Joseph and Associates — which had been engaged to prepare the Environmental Impact Report — is unable to finalize the plan.

Following discussion the Council agreed to terminate the agreement with CJA and enter into a new agreement with Ecotierra Consulting.
Garrett said Curtis Zacuto, who previously worked with CJA as project manager for Tehachapi’s Walmart EIR, is now with Ecotierra. Because he is familiar with the project, there should not be too much delay, Garrett said.

In June the Draft EIR for the proposed 165,000-square-foot Tehachapi Walmart project was released for public review and comment.
The project, as proposed, includes 34,293 square feet for grocery sales. it would be located at the corner of Tucker Road and Tehachapi Boulevard, within the Tehachapi City Limits.

Once the contract work to continue the EIR process with Ecotierra is complete, the next step is likely to publish a Final EIR which will also be open for public review and comment before it eventually makes its way through the Tehachapi Planning Commission and Tehachapi City Council.
Responding to questions during a Tehachapi Rotary Club meeting last week, Mayor Linda Vernon said the earliest a Walmart might break ground in Tehachapi is sometime in 2011.

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