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Tuesday, Sep 13 2011 04:26 PM

No settlement in lawsuit, company says sign, website removal unrelated

There have been several inquires as to what happened to the Walmart sign on the proposed site on Tucker Road. Also missing is the Tehachapi dedicated web site.

Amelia Neufeld, Senior Manager of Public Affairs and Government Relations for Walmart, said, “We had the sign removed after the city notified us that it needed to be removed per an ordinance they have that states the public hearing notice signs must be removed 10 days after the hearing date.”

 As for the missing web site, Neufeld said, “The project website has been taken down and instead links to our national Walmart Community website. We will continue to be in touch with our Tehachapi supporters via email as the project progresses to completion and opening.”

Neufeld continued, “On behalf of our more than 3,400 area supporters, we look forward to becoming a member of the local Tehachapi business community, creating approximately 300 new jobs and generating tax revenues and economic stimulation for the city. Supporters tell us they are looking forward to saving time, gas and money and keeping their sales tax dollars local. We appreciated the city council’s unanimous 5-0 approval of our new store project in May and look forward to bringing a new Walmart store to the Tehachapi community.”

The pending lawsuit against Walmart by Tehachapi First continues with no progress toward settlement reported after an Aug. 11 meeting of the parties.

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