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Thursday, May 12 2011 07:58 AM

Walmart debate continues

I wrote some weeks ago some of my thoughts about Walmart and Tehachapi’s ever-changing commercial landscape.

For months we’ve devoted a considerable amount of space to the Walmart controversy.

My guess is that at this point just about anyone who cares has already come to their own conclusion about the matter.

I like citizen involvement. I appreciate it most when it’s thoughtful and informed. 

In the matter at hand, the question is not really whether we want Walmart or not, but whether the project meets city standards and other requirements.

For instance, since the City Council determined that an Environmental Impact Report is required, does the EIR meet the requirements of state law?

The Planning Commission said yes. Some citizens and an attorney who claims to represent a San Diego-based organization say no.

Given the history of Walmart projects, the matter may end up in court.

I think that’s too bad.

Most Tehachapi residents, as far as I can tell, want Walmart here. Slowing it down for the sake of slowing it down (or to “settle” with Walmart out of court) is not a good thing in my book.

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