The Tehachapi Warriors boys’ soccer team, sporting their new jerseys, started off the season on the right foot. Their record is 2-1.

“It feels good,” Coach Dennis Wolfe said about the record, “but I mean we have a lot of work to do.”

On Jan. 9, they beat West 2-1, making it their first league win in four years. It rained part of the first half, making it a slippery situation for both teams. But it didn’t phase Rex Stancliff, who scored both goals. It was a nerve racking game for both fans and players, but the Warriors played hard and their hard work payed off. Player of the game was Rex Stancliff.

The Warriors played Independence on Jan. 11, winning 1-0. Luis Tirado assisted Stancliff, who scored their one and only goal in the first half. His goal was a beautiful long ball that hit the top left corner of the goal, catching everyone by surprise, including the goalie. He ended the week with a hat trick between the two games. It was a good way to end the first half — one point ahead.

Going into the second half, Coach Wolfe said, “I was really nervous, I knew they (Independence) were going to come out with a bunch of energy. I just knew we had to match or exceed their energy.”

Luis Sanchez, the Warriors' keeper, had numerous saves that kept the Warriors ahead. When asked who got player of the game for the Independence match, Coach Wolfe replied, “Without a doubt Luis Sanchez, he was absolutely fantastic in the goal.”

The defense also had a hand in keeping the other team from tying the game. Kyle Huebner and David Andrade led the defense, preventing Independence from getting many shots near the goal. Between Luis, the impenetrable keeper, and the tenacious defense, Independence didn’t have a chance.

The midfielders ruled the ball and were an obstacle for Independence’s forwards. In addition, they covered where needed, whether offense or defense. The Warrior offense took many shots on goal, as well as helping in the midfield to cut off any chances of Independence shooting long. Coach

Wolfe said the only thing he would have changed about the game was that they would have won 2-0. Overall it was a team effort to win both games.

Emily Beiswenger's brother in on the team.