The Gryphons Girls 02 team played their third game of the season against an undefeated New Image-Premier 02 team from Bakersfield. The Gryphons girls 02 team came out on the opening kick off with high expectations to win and the New Image-Premier 02 team appeared to think that the game was already won by them before the kick off.

Maya Farias put a rebounded shot into the lower left of the goal to send a shock across the New Image-Premier 02 teams faces and demeanor. Ten minutes later Rylie Daubert put a right foot rocket by the keeper putting the Gryphons girls up 2-0 at half.

Coach Josh Tyree said, “At half I told he girls that they must come out with intensity for the first five minutes of the game and keep them from scoring. And that’s exactly what they did. Kailey Kolesar and Mickaela Tyree controlled the middle of the field all game long and frustrated any kind of attack from the other team.”

The Gryphons Girls 02 team finished with the win at 2-1 putting them in a tie for the top of the table.

“We knew we had the lead. We had to manage the game, the tempo and the clock in the second half.” Tyree said.

The Gryphons Boys 02 team had two games this weekend; one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Saturday’s game was against LA Galaxy Bakersfield JC. The Gryphons Boys played a hard-fought game winning 2-1.

Coach Chris Todd said at the end of the game, “Boys, it's a win and 3 points but it could have been a much easier 3 points if we could have put away a couple more goals.” Todd was referring to a couple open goal chances that the Gryphons Boys had to go up even more.

Sunday’s game was played in Santa Clarita against the first place undefeated United Santa Clarita Red team.

Coach Ryan Beauchamp said, “It was a 3-2 win against the top team, AYSO United. We were down 2 in the first 10 minutes of the game and we fought so hard back for the win. Harley scored a PK, Luigi slotted one in the far corner and Jaden got a header for the win. It was such a hard fought battle that put us to second in the table.”

The Gryphons Boys 02 team is playing in the Silver North bracket this year, up from the Bronze North bracket they played in last year and is really shocking every opponent they play against.

The Gryphons Girls 07 girls also had two games this weekend. Their first game was played in Bakersfield against a well experienced Antelope Valley team coming just one goal short of a tie finishing at 1-0.

Coach Derek Demus said, “We are pleased how they played and it’s encouraging to see them developing a better understanding of the game. As a team they are still building chemistry.”

Riley Waldron was a standout defender for the Gryphons Girls 07 team. On Sunday, the Gryphons Girls 07 team traveled to Santa Clarita to take on really disciplined AYSO United Santa Clarita team. The score end for the Gryphons Girls 07 team in a 4-1 loss but the score didn’t reflect how close this game really was.

“The girls played hard all the way to the end. It was more of a 2-1 game. We made a few bad mistakes that costed us a couple goals,” Coach Chesalon Gracian said. Kayden Spykerman scored the lone goal for the Gryphons Girls 07 team.

The Gryphons Boys 06 boys played their Saturday game against a Dynamo 05 team. The Gryphons Boys 06 team was a much younger team than their competitors and the score really reflected it with a Gryphons loss of 10-0.

The Gryphons Boys 04 team also faced a tough team on Saturday playing an Antelope Valley 04 team that was extremely good. The Gryphons Boys 04 team lost 12-0. The biggest loss is the amount of injuries the Gryphons Boys 04 took during the game.

Coach Mike Pinan said, “We have a lot of injuries right now and are trying to field at least 11 every day.” On Sunday the Gryphons Boys 04 team rebounded with Brandon Zacarias scoring on a penalty shot and Gabriel Cardenas also scoring. Goalie Brody Franchere left the game with an injury after taking a big collision with a player from the AYSO United Santa Clarita team. The Gryphons Boys 04 team competed to a 5-2 loss.

To round up the weekend the Gryphons Girls 05 team played two games also; one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Saturday’s game was played against a physically aggressive Lightning team from Lancaster.

“Lancaster Lighting came out early playing a physical game our Lady Gryphons Girls countered there attack but just unable to sink the balls in the net for the win,” Coach Josh Jelleschitz said. The lone goal for the Gryphons Girls 05 team was scored by Taitlyn Kingsbury on a free kick from 20 yards out. The Gryphons Girls 05 lost 4-1.

Sunday was a much different outcome and a much different team. Bethany Sierra was unable to attend Saturday’s game but made up with a huge performance in the midfield for the Gryphons Girls 05 team on Sunday. The Gryphons Girls 05 team played a Bakersfield Legacy Onzures team and won 4-1.

In the first half, Sophie Schulstad scored from the top of the box with an assist from Hannah Tyree. Giselle Cardenas scored the second goal of the first half being assisted by Bethany Sierra’s cross. The second half was much of the same with Bethany Sierra controlling the middle of the field and Hannah Tyree and Taitlyn Kingsbury pushing hard for more goals. Taitlyn Kingsbury netted two goals in the second half which were both assisted by Hannah Tyree. The second goal came from Hannah Tyree’s right foot free kick to the back post in which Taitlyn Kingsbury knocked in with her body at the far post.

Coach Tyson Kingsbury said, “The girls played well today. Bethany Sierra did an excellent job at controlling the center and Jayden Karaba had a great game in goal giving her the W on her birthday.”

Josh Tyree is president of the Gryphons Club.