Stallions Springs Sgt. Gary Crowell

Nick Smirnoff / For Tehachapi News

Stallion Springs police Sgt. Gary Crowell accepted toys and gift items from the Horse Thief Women's Golf Club at its annual Christmas Luncheon on Thursday, Dec. 8, for distribution at the Jamison Center.

The items will go to needy families in the area. The golf club said Crowell also encouraged members to save small bottles of lotion, mouthwash and bars of soap they receive while staying at hotels for the families and their children.

Following lunch at PDubs, the golf club also welcomed new members Linda Berry and Kim Roma, and annual sweeps prize money and awards were presented to winners of various tournaments and events held at Horse Thief Country Club during the year.

Award winners included Dianne Cooper, Ace of the Year; Kathi Dyer, Presidents Cup; Judy Theriault, club champion; Theriault, Ringer, first flight; Christine Cox, Ringer, second flight, and Cheryl Emmons, Ringer, third flight.