Your JMS Bulldogs took the long trip to Lake Isabella on Monday, Feb. 3 and came away with three victories and one loss. Wallace is one of the better teams in the League and with these wins the seventh grade girls and boys, and eighth grade girls continued their undefeated league seasons. In the next couple of weeks, there are some big games coming up, so try to attend some home games and let's have fun cheering for Tehachapi.

Seventh grade girls won in dominant fashion 35-11, with Karee scoring a game-high 8 points; Danny- 6; Riley, Jaelynn, and Ella each had 4; Bri, Baylee, Jaeden and Jamie each had a basket; and Karee made a free throw. These girls are really fun to watch as they hustle, play excellent defense, and generally have great attitudes and smiles on their faces as they smash the competition.

The seventh grade boys won 39-27 and played well. Gabe Sipes was the high scorer with 14 points; Jackson and Cerbantez each had 6 points; Brooks had 5 points (and the lone 3-pointer of the day); Pitt had 4 points; Kolesar and Warner each had 2 points. And there is more to a basketball game than just scoring so it is fun to see the full court press and hustle defense that this team is becoming known for. These Bulldogs seem to play better offense when they play good pressure defense. They are aggressive to score, which is refreshing when many young kids can be indecisive with the ball.

Michael Jordan said, "You miss every shot you don't take," so it's good to see Coach Skaggs giving these kids the green light to score and their undefeated league season will probably ride on their ability to keep being aggressive with the ball in their hands.

Eighth grade girls were a treat to watch. As a parent of boys on the two teams, I do not know many of the girls on the seventh or eighth grade teams personally, but let me tell you, the eighth grade girls have been really fun to watch this season. They really pass the ball well, set good screens and hit their shots. They are a fun group to watch and every time I see them they impress. They have good hustle defense. Jadynn Paulson led the scoring in the 28-8 victory with 10 points, Pena and Perkins each had 6 points. Foster had 4, and McGinnis had 2.

Eighth grade boys played pretty good defense but couldn't quite seem to find the bottom of the net. According to the book we had a 17-3 loss with Root scoring 1 and Mike Jones leading the team with 2. The defensive effort was valiant, but as any of the boys on the team will tell you, they know that they will need to hit more shots in the next one. But they'll put in the work required, and come out ready to go against Taft this Wednesday.

This coming Wednesday the boys are at Lincoln (Taft) and the girls are home against Lincoln. With the games slated for 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. at each location. Thursday all four teams are scheduled to be home against Mt. View, with those games starting at 3:30, 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30 p.m.

Darrel Sipes is the parent of a seventh and eighth grade Bulldog.