Another exciting edition of Jacobsen Middle School basketball is upon us! When the weather gets cold there is nowhere better to be than a basketball gym. And while the Tehachapi Warriors have already started games (go watch them, it'll be great), the Bulldogs have their first game on Dec. 5.

The boys have a home against Tropico (Rosamond) with 7th grade at 3:30 p.m. and 8th grade immediately following. The girls teams will be starting at approximately the same time away at Tropico.

Here is the list of boys who worked hard in the offseason and at tryouts to make the team and proudly have their names posted "up on the wall" of the gym (the same gym where most readers played when it was the high school)!

8th grade:

Coach: Mike Heckathorn

Joshua Borst

Mike Jones

Kayde Mailory

Guage Phillips

Michael Sipes

Alexis Vazquez

Austin Degerolami

Ian Liles

Ben Marks

Jacob Root

Kaleb Songer

Liam Willey

Alex Young

7th-6th grade:

Coach: Larry Skaggs

Anthony Cerbantez

Dylan Valdez

Bronson Davis

Hayden Michael

Gabriel Sipes

Devin Jackson

Carter Kolesar

Wayde Brooks

Kenny Pitt

Grant Warner

Mason Cyr

Thadeus Dyer

Liam Smith

These are your 2019-2020 Jacobsen Middle School boys basketball players. They have been working for a couple of weeks already and you would do well to spend your cold months this winter in a well-lit gymnasium, with the sound of squeaky sneakers and the whistles of the referee (give them a break they are just trying to do a hard job that you're obviously not willing to do), the cheers of the fans, and the buzzer going off as many a Bulldog hits an "at the buzzer" game winner.

Do your best to make all the home games this year because as we all know the one game you miss will be the best one! But either way, come and shake people's hands, socialize, ask the visiting team's parents how their season is going. clap and cheer when they win, and be a part of the local community. Don't just live in the community, be a part of it.

Go Bulldogs!

Darrel Sipes is a parent of 2 boys basketball players.