The Lady Warriors hit the ground running, competing in two back-to-back tournaments and a home game in between.

They started out their first tournament at the North High Softball Lead off Classic. The first game starting off the tournament was against South High, with Tehachapi blazing bats and assistance from Tehachapi Junior Meghan Daffern pitching a no-hitter, ending the game 10-0.

Lady Warriors and Bakersfield Christian played the second game with Ashley McIrvin 4 RBI, Erin Askins 3 RBI, Kristen Burgeis, Anabelle Carroll, Maleena Davis, Bailey Damian each having 1 RBI. With the Warriors' strong defense, they produced a score against Bakersfield Christian 15-1.

The Lady Warriors were undefeated to the final game facing North High, showing the Lady Warriors' bats were still on fire and Damian was hitting all the right spots with her strikeouts. To close the game, McIrvin hit a walk off home run 9-1. Lady Warriors walked away with the championship title.

Lady Warriors followed their next game at home against Ridgecrest Burroughs with Warriors senior Carroll hitting a double with 1 RBI to get the Warriors started along with the Burroughs also scoring 1 run in the 1st inning. By the 3rd inning both teams were tied 3-3. The Warriors prevented Burroughs from moving forward and the Warriors ended the game in the 7th inning 10-3.

Lady Warriors were at it again attending another three-day tournament at the Bakersfield Drillers Tournament. Rosamond was the first team the Warriors faced and the Warriors started strong in the first inning with Carroll getting an RBI after Askins hit a double. The strength of Burgeis fired out with a grand slam, giving the Warriors a 5-0 lead. The Lady Warriors did not slow down with bases loaded and sophomore Sierra Brown hitting a grand slam. Carroll had 2 home runs, keeping the Warriors on top 13-0. The Warriors finished the first day off beating Garces Memorial 11-3.

On the second day, the Lady Warriors faced Tulare Union in a tight game into the 4th inning with a loss 1-0. Frontier High faced the Warriors and was held into the 3rd inning with Warriors on top 2-1, but Frontier's bats were on fire and came alive in the 4th inning, Warriors' center fielder freshman Michala McIrvin dove over the fence, robbing Frontier of a home run. Frontier pushed forward ending the game 12-2.

The last day of the tournament, Warriors faced Highland. Within the 1st inning, Warriors were up by 7 runs. Warriors finished their streak into the 5th inning Tehachapi on top with the win 11-2. The Warriors' final game against Centennial went 6 innings with the Lady Warriors being down 4 runs into the 5th inning, but they rallied back in the 6th inning, closing the gap with a loss of 8-11.

The Lady Warriors' next game is at 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 14, at Bakersfield College against Independence.

Melissa Davis is a parent of a player on the team.