Football is one team. There is no room for individualism. A unit of many with a common goal, to battle as one, to win as one. It’s a divine sport where all involved have an important role, from the coaches instructing, the players on field and lining sideline, the crew hydrating, to the crowds cheering.

Saturday, Sept. 7, teams stood shoulder to shoulder under the impressive sight of stars and stripes, brought to us by RST Cranes, while the innocent voices of the young Scott sisters, Sierra, 8, Summer, 6, and Sheridan, 3, warmed the hearts of many by singing "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Sophomore Tomahawks welcomed rival Southwest Mojo of Bakersfield Saturday. With first possession of ball, Southwest broke through, scoring on the first play of game. In the final 27 seconds of the first half, Tomahawks answered back with a long pass for a touchdown from quarterback Colton Michael to receiver Tristan Smith, going into the half Southwest 7, Tomahawks 6.

“After some quick adjustments in the second half, mountain football dominated the rest of the game,” said head coach Cesar Meza. With a stellar offensive line led by Brody Nylander, Owen Sharp and Richard Cuellar, Tomahawks first drive returning in the second half resulted in a touchdown that would carry momentum in the remaining two quarters of the game.

Tomahawks defense allowing only one score for the day, led by Colton Michael, Roland Pina, Austin Rolow and key tackles by Owen Schneider coupled with big runs by Mikey Michael, Vandon Villanueva, Roland Pina, Austin Rolow and passes to Tristan Smith, sophomore Tomahawks and their exuberant talents as a team commanded in the second half.

“It was a great team win and we’re glad, from the players to coaches, to parents, everyone contributed to this,” said coach Brandon Billings.

“These kids work hard in practice and it showed. We have a great group of kids with desire to get better in their game,” said coach Jeremy Smith. That desire drove the sophomores into their second win of the season, with final score Tomahawks 42, to Southwest 7.

Final scores for the Tehachapi teams: freshmen Tomahawks 6 to Cardinals of Bakersfield 19; junior varsity Tomahawks 6 to Southwest Mojo 40; varsity Tomahawks 18 to Southwest Mojo 20.

Jenn Michael is Tehachapi Youth Football's director of off field operations.