Interest in BMX racing action is increasing with six local Tehachapi BMX riders competing July 6 at Bakersfield Metro BMX track.

Newer riders Danny and Skylar Valencia were looking for a sport that they could have fun in and stay fit. Danny competed in the 49 Cruiser division and placed third and Skylar, who rides in the 22 Novice Division, also placed third.

First-year rider Gabriel Griffiths is gaining experience and trophies. He placed first in the 9 Novice Division.

Kayden Gonzales finished fourth in the 10-under expert division. Sydney Howard came in fifth for the 15 Intermediate division and brother Alex rode his cruiser bike for a fourth in the 9 Cruiser class.

Some of the riders will be heading to Las Vegas for the Vegas Nationals July 13-15. For more information, see the Bakersfield Metro Facebook page or call Curtis Nelson 661-557-1366.

Curtis Nelson is a Tehachapi BMX and wrestling coach.