Tehachapi Valley Wrestling Club started its season Nov. 6 with an impressive number of Tehachapi area youth wrestlers. There are 26 boys and girls for the kindergarten to first grade group, 25 boys and girls in the 2-5 grade group and 10 middle school competitors.

TVWC had five wrestlers compete in a preseason tournament, the Zombie Takedown Tournament hosted by Kern County Wrestling Association on Nov. 4. They were Noe Mesa, Gabriel Mesa, Caiden Shelbrock, Kayden Gonzales and Levi Hart.

The first official event for the team was the KCWA Jr. Spartan Takedown held Nov. 17 at Shafter with the following first-place finishers: Noe Mesa, Jake Brown, Allison Willer, Levi Hart and Kayden Gonzales.

Second-place finishers were: Marcus Coates, Ben Reyna, Ramsey Royten, Ryan Royten, Anthony Ashby, Owen Schneider and Reese Hart. Third-place went to Philip Coates, Gabriel Mesa, Caiden Shelbrock, Tony Gonzales and Bill Fuller. Fourth-place finishers were Maddox Maclachlan, Michele Brown, Edward Reyna, Gannon Renehan-Lee and Nick Voshall. Fifth-place wrestlers were Andre Montano, Liam Dean, Andres Devlin, Christian Reeves and Jett Staabs.

“This is one of strongest groups of kids they have had in recent years," head coach Curtis Nelson said.

He added that “the middle school is an experienced group that will be heading into the high school soon. TVWC believes most parents put their kids in wrestling to have fun and to learn the basics of the sport. They know kids learning and participating in the toughest sport, will lead to successful athletes and make them a better person."

For more information on TVWC, contact Nelson 661-557-1366.

Curtis Nelson is TVWC's head coach.